Chibi Neko: Its all about me! YAY!

So you want to know more about Chibi Neko? How dare you! I should send the little village people after you! LOL just kidding I thought that there might be some people out there wondering "Who the hell is Chibi Neko?!" so here I am.

Name: Chibi Neko
Sex: Female
Zodiac: Leo
Country: Canada
Occupation: Music teacher & I work as tech support and retail associate for a Internet company.
Unique Features: Has 3 feet super curly hair, and still growing

Im a person that can't be put into one catagory, just like my music. I can listen to anything just as long it is not blasting in my ears. I also have a belief that you shouldn't care who sings or plays a song, and just listen for what it sounds like, but unfortunatlly for the world, there are too many Spice Girl and Backstreet Boys freaks. I listen on a range from Bon Jovi, to Yuko Sasaki, and I love anime and game music. My fave anime's are Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Evangelion, Vision Of Escaflowne and YuGiOh! My fave anime movie is Jin-Roh. I also conisder myself an artist in some way, I play the piano and write music. I write books like the Tale Of The Untamed series, and draw but most of the things I draw are anime, and my own little creations. I am also a piano teacher to eleven students and I have graduated from the Collage Of North Atlantic in the Multimedia program. (bet I suprised you there huh!?) and I love Video games! My fave games are Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VI VII, Chrono Cross, Xenogears and Genso Suikoden II. Let me sum myself up a little better by giving you a list of my likes and dislikes.

Books, Wicca, Anime, Music, cats(all true piano players love cats!), video games (RPG's) anything Japanese, computers, the Internet, art (paintings,drawings etc.) poetry and art with deep meanings, horseback riding, forgin languages, Japanese music, children, dragons and all mythical creatures.

Human nature, people who think being cool is most important, music too loud for me to enjoy, smoke (the cegarette kind), raceists (they're failures to the gods), people who think that animal/human friendships is nonsense, verbaly abusive people, stress (honsetly! who dose!?), drugs (another problem with humanity) and slow Internet access.

Here are the awards that the Rest Pad has earned! Thanks alot to the great people who gave them to me!