Chibi Neko and Guestbook Girl

Welcome to the Adventure of Chibi Neko & Friends section! This is a fun section where I post the photographs taken on any little adventure that my buddies and I have been on! From playing Final Fantasy, to studying JAVA! New adventures will be posted as they happen! Guestbook Girl and Kristan will most likely be in most of these stories! Have fun!

Final Fantasy Bash! *07/14-15/01*
Chibi Neko's 19th Birthday Bash! *08/11-13/01*
Chibi Neko in Corner Brook! *11/9-11/01*
Chibi Neko studies JAVA! *12/9/01*
Happy Birthday to the Rest Pad! *02/22/02*
Final Fantasy Bash: The Sequal! *05/18/02*