The next day we met up with Guestbook Girl!

The first thing we wanted to do was get something to eat, so we all jumped in Guestbook Girl's Classy Dodge Neon and headed for the mall!


Man I feel like such a pig, but i'll say this...what we're eating is much healther than the greasy chickhen we ate during the Fianl Fantasy event.


Ahhh...desert! Right next to us was a place called the "Sweet Factory"! This place is so cool! What you do is you take a bag and fill it with all the candy you want! Then the price depends on the weight of the bag! The first thing I wanted to get was some chocolait cubes! But because of the hot weather we where having this summer, the chocolait was all melted! So when I tried to scoop up some chocolait cubes, I endend up getting chocolait mush! So I had to hand-pick whatever chocolait that still looked like cubes and put them in my bag, and then I filled up with jelly-bellies!!

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