After aquiring my bag or chocolait covered jellybeans, I had to go and pick up some mosse for my hair, when I wasn't looking, Kristan ran off. After some searching we found Kristan in the toys section....and for a good reason!

GUNDAM WING TOYS! Ah sure you can all tell whats going though my mind...


Ha ha ha...we all cracked up at this Gundam item, let me present you Gundam Wing Walkei-Talkies! We thought this was pretty cool! Kristan and I had the urge to open this thing up and run around the store pretending to be Mulder and Scully with special-hi-tech Gundam walkie-talkies! Don't you just want to go out and buy one now?!

After getting what I needed at the mall we drove home to my house, which is 2hours in the woods from St.Johns, but we where able to pass time by playing the Jelly-bellie guessing game! It was night-time anyway, so it all worked out perfact! When we got home, we the rest of the week to enjoy the gift that Guestbook Girl gave me...EVANGELION!!! Guestbook Girl gave me the entire series for my birthday! I can't thankyou enough!!! THANKS!!!

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