After the recording session, the three of us had to stop to a store to pick up some essentials for the weekend, like milk! I drink about a carton of milk per day! But during the drive to the store, I have made some discoveries of Corner Brook that I didn't know about! Like a two story Dominion store! That place was huge! When Guestbook Girl said that one existed, I though she was bluffing! Boy was I wrong!

I also found out that Corner Brook is a very organized city! It HAS to be if they are taking it to such an extream level by aligning coke machines in perfact order! Now that is something you never see in the woods! If a city dude hasn't seen it, then they must have been spending all their time home playng Hungery Hungery Hippos! After we picked up all the supplies we needed, we drove back to Guestbook Girl's place. On the way I saw a kick-ass store! I couldn't get a picture of it, but it was called "The Bargin Bargin Bargin Bargin Store" I'm serious! THAT is the name of the store! And the name was all in flashy colors! Yep, I'm liking Corner Brook very much so far!

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