After all the hard work Guestbook Girl and I had finished, we thought that we should meet up with Dave and check out the new Chinese restarunt that opened a few weeks ago, and its cleverly named "Jackie Tan's" man... the way people premote their restarunts are getting lamer by the year! This is also Dave's first time using chopsticks! I think so anyway. He was doing really well with them, but as he ate, he slowly became less intersted in them, and stuck to the forks and spoons.


I was the first one to ask for the chopsticks, I have my own but I forgot to bring them. But for only a extra dollar, they will give you real chopsticks to keep! very own wooden chopsticks...
After our meal we headed back to Guestbook Girl's place for the night...but I decided to rent a video! I rented "Serial Experiments: Lain" i'm sure many of you out there has heard of this wonderful and creepy anime. If not...look into it! You don't know what your missing!

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