In the morning, or should I say afternoon. Guestbook Girl and I headed back to her Univerity to the photo studio. You see Guestbook Girl is doing a photography assignment, and is using me for a model. As she unloaded all her photography equipment I began to get really exited!

Once I was cooled down a little, Guestbook Girl began to set up the camera, which took about an hour! This was a real complex camera! After that I got into position, which was lying on the cold floor with my hair spread out in all different directions! I spent another hour like that...but it wasn't boring. The camera was directly above me, and of course the lens had to come loose and fall on my face! Guestbook got really worried, but not about me! She spent the next 15min asking me if I heard a crack or anything coming from the lens! She didn't even bother to ask how my face was!


After an hour of lying on the cold floor and staring at a camera lens that could fall at any second...I stood up and tried to tame down my now fluffy hair! We then rushed to put the camera away because I had to leave to meet my father in his transport truck to take me home.


Of course after the whole camera lens ordeal, Guestbook Girl tried to cheer me up. What do you think?

Well that sums up my weekend in Corner Brook. Getting home was no problem because my dad is a trucker! And it so happens that he was passing though Corner Brook to pick up a trailer! We left around 8PM and on the way we stopped in Deer Laker to eat some greasy chickhen! It's not a good trip in a transport truck unless you get your arteries clogged! After the meal, I slept in the truck bunk and got up at 2AM to sleep at my father's boss's place until I could get a ride back home. I was only a few miles away from home, so it wasn't far. But overall, this was a great midterm break!

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