Dating a Deity

Title: Dating a Deity Major pairing: Duo X Hilde Author: The Fablespinner E-mail: Rating: NC17+ Genre: Romance ****************************************************** Disclaimer: The characters in this yarn sadly do not belong to me. I wish they did but they belong in total to Sotsu/Sunrise and Bandai entertainment. I am only borrowing their colorful personalities for the sake of this story. I promise to return them, only slightly rumpled when I'm finished with them so the next writer can use them as their muse. ******************************************************

AC195 (October)

Duo walked the streets of L2's red light district. Not that he was on a quest for anything in particular, he just kind of ended up there as he wandered. He rubbed the bandages over his sore ribs 'Why is it they all have to punch me here?' he thought as he touched a rather sore bruise. First he'd had that scuffle with, what was her name? Hilde. yes, Hilde was her name. Duo shook his head he just couldn't figure her out at all. Furthermore, why he bothered preaching at her in the first place. It was her eyes, the fire and spunk behind those blue orbs. He just knew she wasn't the enemy, he just couldn't bring himself to kill her. He'd succeeded in changing her mind and now she was probably dead. In winning her trust he'd in essence held the parchment as she signed her own death sentence. 'I really am the God of Death' Duo thought bitterly as he kicked a pebble across the pavement. 'Even those I try to save end of dying anyway.' His mind reeled with regret. He had nightmares every night anyway. Now those nightmares had a new face, her face, twisted in pain as the mobile dolls attacked her. While she stood guard to insure his getaway. "What's the matter good looking? Girl Dump ya?" A rather gaudily made up hooker asked as Duo passed. "For a fifty, I can make you forget darlin'" She added and Duo gave her a wink. "Thanks, but no thanks Babe." He said cheerily, the mirth a facade. His pain was far too deep. 'If I could make it up to you Hilde, I would.' He thought to himself as he turned down a darkened alleyway. The stench of booze and urine hung like a fog in the air. Angry voices pulled his attention and he went to investigate. His heart stopped beating when he reached the scene. Three uniformed OZ soldiers, young recruits and drunk were tossing around a young girl. "Traitor scum! They should have executed you, not given you a dishonorable discharge!" One taunted as he slapped her hard across the face. She spun into the arms of the next man who spit on her. "What did he offer you to turn your back on the colony? You make me sick!" That one said throwing her up against the wall. All the air rushed out of her lungs. She was dizzy when she heard a voice rise in her defense. "Back off the girl if you know what's good for you. Right NOW!" Duo hollered holding his pistol ready.

"Hey man, just keep moving. This don't concern you. The little tart's nothing but trash!" The third man said as he staggered sideways drunk. "I said just back off. Leave now and I won't shoot you where you stand." Duo hissed. Teeth clenched with fury as he stepped in front of the crumpled body. Duo fired a warning shot at their feet. "I'm not kidding! MOVE!" he shouted and this time the three drunkards fled. Duo fell to his knees, the gun dropping from his trembling fingers. He rolled her onto her back gingerly and brushed the blue black hair from her face. "Hilde? Are you all right? Talk to me." He said his heart pounding. Her eyes fluttered open "Duo? Is that you?" She asked as he pulled her up into his arm. "It's me. It's my fault you're in this mess. I'm so sorry Hilde. I should never have gotten you involved." He said holding the girl he'd thought was dead. "I got myself involved Duo. I knew what I was doing. I'm so glad you're all right. I'd heard they captured you." She said coughing. A little trickle of blood forming in the corner of her mouth. Duo frowned and dabbed it away with his sleeve. "You're not all right. Let me take you home Hilde." Duo said and Hilde gave him a haunting laugh. "I am home Duo. You're in my living room" She said and Duo's jaw dropped. "No." He said in disbelief. "Yes, They took everything Duo. I'm a traitor, my parents disowned me, Oz took my belongings, seized my credit accounts. Reduced me to this, because I was only fifteen, I didn't get the death penalty as well." Hilde said, the fire in her eyes barely a flicker. "I've had to beg to survive. Just leave me Duo. I'm no good to you now." She said and Duo picked her up. "I don't think so. You're coming with me." He said as he carried her toward the street. He set her down on a bench and walked over to a pay-phone where he dialed for a cab. Soon she was sleeping in his arms as the cab carried them away from the scene of the crime. "Slim pickin's there lad." The cabby said and Duo did not laugh. "I'll have you know this little thing saved my life. I'm returning the favor." Duo said glaring into the rearview mirror. "Mind your business and Drive. Is that clear?" Duo added and the cabby nodded.

Hilde awoke and panicked until she remembered the previous night. It wasn't a dream after all. Duo had come like a knight in shining armor and rescued her. The knight was currently sleeping beside her and by the look on his face, he was having a nightmare. The gray light of dawn filtered in illuminating the bed they shared. Duo's shirt was off and his chest and ribcage was tightly bandaged. Bruises covered the areas of skin she could see. He was a mess. "What did they do to you?" She asked running her fingers gingerly over the bandages and then up to his face. She smoothed his long chestnut hair out of his face and traced the contours of his features. He really was just about the cutest guy she'd ever met. Not to mention the one person she knew in her heart she could trust. It had been in his violet eyes, in the sound of his voice. No one had ever looked at her the way he had. No one had ever spoken words that had moved her so much. She had known she had to fight for this boy's cause. Or rather, for him. This wasn't some silly crush, she knew that, she'd had those. This was different, this went much deeper. It was as if her very soul cried out to the boy beside her. Wanting to protect him, and stand with him through hell and back. And she only knew his name. Just who was Duo Maxwell? Who was the boy behind the image? What kind of boy could fight better than a hundred men? She knew on the outside Duo looked the typical teenage boy, but if you looked into his eyes you saw a man looking back. His innocence was long gone, his spirit hardened by events that had robbed him of his childhood. It broke her heart. She'd been so head strong and foolish, he humbled her in ways she never thought possible. She lay there looking at him for a long time when one violet eyes opened and he grinned at her. "It's rude to stare." He teased as he rolled over to face her in the soft light of dawn. Hilde blushed and averted her eyes, only to have him raise her chin so she'd look at him. "Never be embarrassed around me Hilde. I was teasing, you'll get used to it." He said smiling at her. "I'm very rarely serious." He added still looking deeply into her eyes. "What happened to you?" She asked again now that he was awake. Duo laughed. "What didn't happen? That list is shorter." He said moving stiffly as he got up. He still had his pants on as he stumbled over to the bathroom. "Let's just say, I got the shit kicked out of me." Duo said as he grabbed a toothbrush. "That's obvious!" Hilde said sitting up then going dizzy as she tried to stand. Duo was by her side almost instantly laying her back down. "You just stay put. That ASS who threw you against the wall, threw you head first. You've got one helluva bump." He said pulling the sheet back up over her. "Thank you Duo, for everything." Hilde said clasping his hand. He squeezed it tenderly and smiled at her. "I'm just glad you're still alive. I thought you died Hilde. Thank you for pulling through." He said patting her hand. "Now then, You sleep and I'll go out and get some things you'll need. What size clothes do you wear?" He asked grabbing a pencil and a piece of paper. "Small." She said and Duo laughed. "No shit Sherlock! I meant specifically. Ya know so I can get you something that won't fall off." He said flipping her bangs with the end of the pencil. "Your hair's such a beautiful color. You should let it grow. It's also a recognizable color, I'll get you a hat while I'm at it." Duo commented giving her another adorable grin. "You don't have to do this Duo. I don't want to get you in trouble." Hilde said and Duo laughed. "Babe, I am trouble. It's me who got you into this mess, the very least I can do is set you up here. Welcome Home Hilde. You are welcome to stay here for as long as you like. " Duo said gesturing wide. "It's not much, but it's safe. I got a few connections here and there. When I'm not out destroying things, I'm a sweeper, this place is my scrap yard." Duo said and Hilde laughed. "Well at least you clean up after yourself. Picking up the bits you destroy for profit. Nice." Hilde teased and Duo laughed. "Ya know, you're right. I never thought of it that way." He said flicking her nose with the pencil. "Back to business. Ah, you don't need any of those, ah. Girlie things do you?" Duo asked blushing slightly. "Girlie things? Like what?" Hilde asked, knowing what he meant but enjoying watching him squirm. "You know, things for that thing. Down there." He said gesturing vaguely at her middle. She decided to let him off the hook. "Oh, those things. They're called..." She began and Duo put a finger on her lips. "I know what they're called. Do you or don't you?" He asked and she shook her head. "No, I don't need any now." She said and Duo looked painfully relieved. "Good. Go back to sleep while I run to the store. A little rest and you'll be fine in no time. You're a tough little cookie." He said standing up and pulling a shirt over his head. "I won't be long." He said with a wink as he headed out the door.

Duo came home to find her in the kitchen. "What are you doing out of bed?" He asked coming up behind her placing his hands on her hips. She'd showered and she smelled of fresh soap as he inhaled deeply. "I couldn't sleep. I felt icky, I took a shower and I borrowed some clothes. I hope you don't mind." she said and Duo shook his head. "Not a bit. If it's here and you want it, it's yours." He said moving to the bags he'd set on the table. He reached into one and pulled out a two toned purple top, a pair of dark leggings, some socks, underwear, and about a dozen bras. "I forgot to ask what size you take in these things. So I just bought a bunch that looked about right. Some of them are HUGE! What woman wears something that big? I've never seen her." Duo said shaking his head. Hilde laughed. "You have, you've just not noticed. Thank you Duo." She said kissing his cheek. He grinned and offered her the other. "I get two for buying women's underwear. You should have seen the looks I got. They thought I was a pervert or something!" He said and Hilde laughed but kissed his other cheek. "You do pick up strange girls on the street." She said and Duo chuckled. "Hey, I like strange girls. They're more fun." He said with a wink as Hilde went to change.

She came back out and spun for him "Well? How do I look?" She asked and Duo wolf whistled at her. "Hey good lookin' You live around here?' He teased and Hilde swatted at him with her palm. "Stop it, you big tease. Now, where was I? Oh yes." She said moving over to peek in the oven. "Whatever you're making smells wonderful." Duo said as he flopped on the couch. "You didn't have much, but I managed to find the ingredients for some corn muffins. They're good with a little butter and honey. Thankfully you have both." Hilde said moving to sit next to Duo. "We have both." He corrected. "I mean it Hilde, what's mine is yours." He said taking her hand in his. "Hilde, you're the first person I've ever cared about that stayed alive on me. I want to keep you that way. Most people when they meet the God of Death don't live to tell the tale." He said sadly. "So, you're a Deity too? What else are you Duo Maxwell? Sweeper, Gundam Pilot, Preacher Boy, God of Death, what else?" Hilde asked and Duo looked comical. "Well I'm not a preacher boy, that's for sure." He said grinning. "You look like one to me." Hilde said looking over his outfit. "Do preacher boys do this?" He asked as he leaned over and kissed her. She was too shocked by his forwardness to say anything. "You kissed me!" She finally managed to stammer out. Duo grinned. "I know, I was there." Duo teased plopping a red beret on top of her head. "I thought so, you look cute in that. I wanted a green one, ya know to go with your spunk but I could only find a red one." He said changing the subject. Hilde just stared at him, what was going on here she wondered. "Duo, I just don't understand all this. Why did you bring me here? Why did you kiss me?" She asked and Duo smiled at her. "You're my girl." He said matter of factly with a wink. "What?" Hilde asked stunned once more into a stupor. This was definitely a dream, this couldn't possibly be real. Duo did not just call her his girl. "Hilde, I like you a lot. I was never so happy to see someone alive as I was when I saw you last night. I just gotta keep you safe, for me. It's selfish, I know but you make me happy. You're all I got in this whole messed up world. Please be my girl." Duo said taking her hand. The depths of his feelings crying out to her in his eyes. "You could do better than me Duo." She said shyly. Duo wrapped his arms around her. "Not in my eyes babe. You're the best. Now my nose tells me those muffins are close to being done. I'm starved." He said hopping up an going over to the stove. Hilde's heart raced, as she followed Duo's nose to the oven. Duo Maxwell liked HER, like THAT! She felt giddy, the greatest guy she'd ever met was her BOYFRIEND! It was almost too much to handle. "Here move out of the way and let me look Duo." Hilde said bumping him with her hip to get him out of the way. Pot-holders in hand she retrieved their breakfast from the heat. "They look done to me. Have a seat Duo, you're in for a treat. My granny taught me how to make these." Hilde said as she set four muffins on a plate for Duo and the last two on a plate for herself. "No wonder you're so skinny. You don't eat much do you?" Duo said, noting the portions she'd allotted them both. He went to move a muffin from his plate to hers and she stopped him. "I can't eat three. I'll barely finish these two. Don't worry about me Duo." She said and Duo shrugged. "Get used to it." Was all he said with a grin as he slathered butter and honey on his corn muffin. Hilde waited to do hers until Duo tasted his. The look of pure ecstasy on his face made her giggle. "These are GREAT!" He said with a mouthful. The first muffin devoured nearly whole. “I’m glad you approve. I didn’t have much to work with. You eat a lot of fast food.” She said and Duo grinned. “Guilty, but I have an excuse. I can’t cook.” He said shoving a second muffin into his mouth. “Good. I’d hate to think you were perfect.” Hilde teased and Duo laughed. “Babe, I am so far from perfect, it’s frightening.” He said leaning back into his chair and polishing off a third muffin. “Duo, which one are you? Which Gundam is yours?” Hilde dared asked and Duo grinned. “Guess.” He teased and Hilde placed a hand on her chin. She looked him up and down and giggled. “Zero two.” She said and Duo nodded. “Bingo. The Deathscythe is mine.” He said with a wink. “I’m sorry it was destroyed. I saw it on the telescreen.” Hilde said and Duo laughed. “It takes a lot more to Destroy a Gundam than you think Hilde. Plus some insane Scientists on your side.” Duo said standing up from his now empty plate. “Not to mention a shit load of luck.” He added holding out his hand. “He’s been rebuilt. Ya wanna see him?” He asked and Hilde’s jaw dropped. “He’s here!?” she asked stunned taking Duo’s hand. “Yep. He’s only about eighty percent complete, I’ve gotta finish tweaking him, but the opportunity to escape the moon base came up earlier than we anticipated.” Duo said taking Hilde’s hand and leading her through his salvage yard, to a rubbish pile behind which his Gundam, the Deathscythe Hell lay hidden. Hilde approached it almost reverently. “What an amazing piece of work. I’ve never seen a mobile suit quite like it.” She said running her hand along the black gundanium alloy hull. Duo stepped into the pulley mechanism and pulled Hilde against him. “Alley-OOP. Hang on.” He said as they began to rise to the cockpit.

For such a large suit, the cockpit was quite small and cramped like most mobile suits she knew. They stood on the lowered hatch door and Hilde peeped inside. “Go on, Have a seat. I’m sure Deathscythe won’t mind. Will ya buddy?” Duo said slapping the machine as if it were a living entity. “Fascinating, not much different operation wise than my mobile suit. But the technology is unmatched.” She said running her small hands along the controls Duo knew intimately. Watching her stroke the panels as she was held in awe by the machine made Duo twinge. ‘I’m jealous of a machine? Get a grip Duo.’ he thought and chastised himself as he watched her. She really was just about the cutest girl he’d ever laid eyes on. Her hair was short, cropped by the military no doubt, but the face was gorgeous in his eyes. Not to mention he had dreams of her in that form fitting space suit, almost on a nightly basis. She had one hell of a figure, a little skinny, but there was no denying the effect she had on him. Her black hair was nearly blue and her eyes were as blue as cornflowers. He was staring at her, she was alive! He couldn’t believe his good fortune in finding her. He never had luck like that, it had to be fate. It must be due to the way he felt around her. No one had ever caught his attention like she had, being near her felt so right. Like he belonged there. She made his world seem real, stable, happy. That was it, she belonged in his world, as he belonged in hers. If fate had brought them together, he was going to hang on tight. Now that he had some control over the chaos that was his existence, he was going to make damn sure he kept her safe from his alter ego. He wanted to have her to come back to when it was all over. To just be a normal man, to have a home, maybe someday a family, that was what he wanted. And he wanted those things, with her. Somehow, he just knew Hilde was the one, it was crazy, but he felt it deep down, as if his soul already knew it’s match. “Duo? What’s wrong? You look a million miles away.” Hilde said waving her hand in front of his eyes. He smiled at her “Just thinking.” He said. He may know in HIS heart she was the one, but he wasn’t about to scare her by taking things THAT fast. She’d only just agreed to be his girl, the kiss had been pushing it, to gush out tidings of everlasting love would be way over the line. She’d think he was bonkers. As if he wasn’t close to insanity as it was with the whole God of Death personality trait. No, he’d bide his time, this was one mission where patience was the key to success. “Can I help you with the tweaking? I’m not bad with computer systems analysis.” Hilde said looking over Deathscythe’s instrumentation. “Sure, Two hands are better than one. I’m not like Heero, he’s gotta strange possessive thing about his Gundam. No one but Heero can touch it. Me, I don’t give a shit. I don’t pass up help.” He said turning on the power to the cockpit. He plugged in a laptop to a port and handed it over to Hilde. “These are the systems that still need to be repaired.” he said as the read out began scrolling across the screen. “Missile Guidance, gravitational force stabilizers, auto pilot, the damn self detonator is off-line, still, and the life support system regulator’s got a loose wire or something. It’s too oxygen rich in here sometimes.” Duo said and Hilde scanned the information. She looked up and grinned. “I’m your girl sir. No problem.” She said pulling up the mother board out of Duo’s arm rest. Duo gave her a wink. “Then let’s get to work babe.” He said grabbing a wrench from under the seat. Then climbing up onto the outer hull, Duo disappeared from view. She knew he was doing something, because every once in a while she heard a clanging nose shortly followed by a curse. Duo had a very colorful vocabulary she learned that afternoon. The air was very blue by the time they packed up the tools and called it a day.

That night Hilde would get a glimpse of the pain Duo held inside. The house only had one bedroom so she had insisted they share the bed. It seemed silly not to share and one of them be uncomfortable. Especially when they were both exhausted from the day’s work. She was already curled up on ‘her side’ when Duo walked out of the bathroom. He was barefoot and wore just a pair of sweat pants that had been cut into shorts. The only thing adorning his chest was his crucifix and his hair was unbound, wrapping him in strands of unbound chocolate silk. The light from the bathroom door behind him shrouded him in shadow and gave him the appearance of having a halo. He really did appear God like to her at that moment. Then of course he had to shatter the illusion by stubbing his toe on his discarded boots. “Ow! Mother puss buckets!” He said hopping on one foot while holding the other. She couldn’t help but giggle at him. “Don’t leave them in the middle of the floor next time and you won’t stub your toe!” She teased as he flipped off the lights and crawled into bed next to her. “Yeah, whatever. I’d just stub my toes on something else. ‘Night Hilde.” He said leaning over to kiss her cheek. “Good night Duo. Sweet Dreams.” She said softly. Duo shuddered. “I hope so.” was all he said as he laid down next to her. A few hours later she awoke with a start. Duo was shouting, his eyes were open and looked like black pits his pupils were so enlarged. He was yelling at someone. It took Hilde a moment to realize Duo was sleeping. His eyes were wide open and he was sitting up, but he was sleeping. What he said raised every hair on her body on end. “No! Don’t die on me Solo! Please!” He said, tears running down his face before he fell out of bed. Still sobbing Duo clutched at the blanket in his hands, his dilated eyes, staring at something only he could see. His dreams causing havoc to his body as he lived the nightmare. “Sister Helen! Father Maxwell! NOOOOOOOOOO! Dear God NO!” He said sobbing again and crumpling to the floor. Hilde began to get up when his face shot up and looked at her, or rather something else in his dream. This time, when he spoke, he ripped her heart out. “Hilde forgive me. I won’t let your death be in vain! I swear! Hilde I’m sorry! I never meant for you to die! The God of Death has struck again. Forgive me for loving you. Everything I love dies! I’m so sorry!” He sobbed this out and Hilde couldn’t take it anymore. She’d heard of this, it was a form of sleep walking. She had to be careful. She walked over and tenderly wrapped her arms around Duo and laid his head to her breast. “Sssssh, Duo. It’s just a dream. I’m here.” she cooed softly stroking his hair. He drew up against her in a near fetal position and clutched her to him as he sobbed and shuddered. Still in his nightmare. “Come on Duo, wake up. This is just a bad dream please come out of it.” She said again rocking him gently. The shuddering stopped, and the sobbing stopped and he looked up at her, his eyes not blackened dilated pits, but purple orbs that glistened with moonlight and unshed tears. “Hilde?” He breathed in relief as he pulled her into his arms. “I had a terrible...” He began and Hilde hushed him. “I know. Get back in bed, then tell me about your past Duo. You need to tell me so I can help you. It’s eating you alive.” She said as she steered him back to bed. He molded her body against his as they lay there in the darkness. “It’s a dark past Hilde.” He began and she just held him. “But it’s yours, good or bad. Just remember it is the PAST. The future is what we make of it.” She said softly to encourage him. That’s the night she learned the whole truth about Duo. From his orphan years with Solo. The Maxwell Church massacre, to his Gundam training and battles, to today. His strength was more than she’d given him credit for. To endure such pain and heartbreak alone was bad enough. But added to the mix was death and horrors untold. Yet, Duo endured and carried on. At fifteen he was a man in a boy’s body. She fell head over heels in love with him that night. She’d do anything, ANYTHING, to keep the pain from him in the future. If she could help him, in anyway, she would.

He had opened up his soul to her and she held it’s fragile being close to her heart. He cried into her breast as he relayed his most painful memories to her. She stroked his hair and combed it with her fingers as she listened. His warm breath on her collarbone and throat sending shivers down her spine as she rested her cheek atop his head. When his history ended as his kisses began was a blur. One moment he’d been talking, the next his lips were upon her chest. Where her tank top drooped low to reveal a little of her cleavage was where he was suddenly dripping little kisses. Slowing pulling her shirt front taught and down to reveal more of her to him. Her hands here still upon his back, and she realized she’d been rubbing his back to soothe him, it had a rather opposite affect. She wasn’t resisting him either. He needed her touch, she wanted his. His kisses moved up her throat, across her jawbone, then devoured her mouth. His tongue demanding entry. His whole body language demanding her presence and warmth. A little human contact for a soul that had been deprived of it for far too long. He needed her to help wash the pain away and give him solace. She’d give it to him with all her heart. He literally tore her clothes from her as his urgency to have contact with her increased. Her lips were bruised from the assault as she tore away for a moment to breathe. In that breath, he’d divested himself of his own clothes and she saw for a brief moment her impending fate. He was a Deity in her eyes, Devil and Angel in one body. She couldn’t hate him for what he was doing, the haste was a product of his deeper need. She was afraid, but knew this was a sacrifice she had to make to help Duo. He was back, on top of her now, pressing her into the mattress. His mouth covering hers once more. She felt him position himself between her legs, then the pain. The burning pain as he violently sought his goal and pushed himself deep within her. She bit back the cry but couldn’t hold back the tears. He seemed not to notice as he drove into her, calling out her name again and again. He was lost in the sensations, lost in his need to have her, to make something in his world pleasurable. She knew this and stayed quiet. This was not about sex, it was about saving his soul. Tonight Duo’s needs came first. She knew with the kindness Duo had in his heart, their future couplings would not be so desperate. Tonight was a release of his pain, nothing more. Yet, as the pain fled, and her pleasure began, even her noble thoughts vanished and she succumbed to the passion that consumed them.

As Duo collapsed spent, he refused to let her go. He wrapped himself around her, and she felt his tears fall upon her shoulder. “I’m so sorry Hilde.” He choked out and Hilde laid a finger to his lips. “No Duo. Don’t be sorry. You said you loved me. Did you mean it?” She asked softly and Duo nodded. “Yes.” He breathed into her hair. “And I mean this Duo. I love you too, and I will always be here when you need me. Whenever and however I am needed, I will be there for you. Do you understand?” She asked and Duo grappled her to his chest. “Thank you Hilde. I do need you. I know what all this I’m fighting for means now. Why I have to go on. It’s not the Colonies, but the people in the Colonies I must fight for. For you Hilde.” He said as he kissed her once more. “I really do Love you Hilde.” He said as he reluctantly drew back from the kiss. “I love you too Duo. Now go to sleep.” She said laying her cheek against his chest. Duo smiled and held her warmth tightly against him. “Sweet Dreams.” She added and Duo sighed knowing now that Hilde was by his side, even if the nightmare’s did come, she’d be there to chase them away again.

Four weeks later, Hilde had just come home from the store when she saw some Men leaving and a very upset Duo left behind. She knew he had to go and her heart wrenched in her chest. “As they say, Evil follows evil. I have no choice but to leave here I guess.” Duo said his eyes dark with emotion. “I’ll come with you.” Hilde said and Duo’s eyes flashed in fear. “No, stay here Hilde please.” He said taking an apple out of the Bag of groceries. “I can help Duo. This White Fang organization, I can...” She began and Duo cut her off. “No!” He snapped before getting his emotions back under control quickly. “It’s safe here Hilde. I want to know you’re here, safe. I want to know I’ve got you to come back to. It’s up to me to do this. I’ll just go back being the God of Death.” he said with a sigh. “But that’s so lonely!” she cried and Duo pulled her into his embrace. “I’d rather be lonely, than risk seeing you hurt. I love you, please stay safe.” He asked, nearly pleading now. “I’ll stay safe Duo.” She responded and Duo kissed her tenderly. “Thank you.” He sighed and smiled. “But I ain’t gotta go yet. Not ‘til morning.” He said a devilish smile spreading across his features. Hilde slapped his arm. “Later Mr. Hormone! I’ve got dinner to cook yet.” She said reaching for the grocery bag. Duo smiled. “I can’t help it Hilde. It’s your fault I’ll have you know! I was never this way until you came along.” He said in his defense. “Sure, I’ll bet.” She chided playfully. He looked stricken. “It was my first time too that night.” He said and Hilde dropped the bag of apples and they went rolling around the floor. “Really?” She asked taken aback. Duo nodded. “I know guys don’t normally like to admit that sort of stuff, but I just thought I should tell you.” He said as he bent to help pick up the apples. Hilde smiled at him with tears in her eyes. “I love you Duo. Thank you.” She said and Duo wiped the lone tear that ran down her cheek away with his fingertips. “I love you too, that’s why I told you.” He said sealing his statement with a kiss.

Two weeks later, Hilde couldn’t stand it anymore. She’d been watching the events unfolding on the telescreen and the danger Duo was facing scared her more and more everyday. Just sitting here, not lifting a finger to help him grated upon her nerves. She had to do something, ANYTHING to help him. She knew he was aboard the ship Peacemillion and that was it. Was he hurt? Was he alive? Was he as lonely without her as she was without him? All these questions rattled her brain never ceasing their torment. She broke, she could wait no longer. If he was fighting for her, she was going to fight for him. He’d probably yell at her, but she had to fight. She could stay idle no longer. She marched herself straight out the door and into a White Fang Organizational headquarters and signed up for active Duty. With her military history, she was snapped up instantly and shipped directly to Libra. She laid low for several days, getting a feel for what was going on, before starting her subterfuge. It took a full week, but she’d finally managed to tap into the main computer systems data storage files. She downloaded every file she could get her hacker fingers on, filling to capacity a mega-zip disk. Every covert operation, every system device, every weapons schematic on Libra was in her hand as she overheard a snippet of conversation. She paused and walked over to the sandy haired young girl. “Do you know a Gundam Pilot?” Hilde asked softly. “Yes, Who are you?” She asked. “I’m Hilde, a friend. I know a Pilot too. I’m going to him, do you want to come?” Hilde asked. “No, I can’t. I have unfinished business with my brother here. Who do you know?” The blonde asked. “Duo, Duo Maxwell. Can I take a message to your pilot?” Hilde asked and the pretty young lady gave her a half smile. “Tell Heero Yuy, I’m here, That I’m trying to stop my brother.” She said and Hilde nodded. “What’s your name?” Hilde asked before leaving. “Relena, Relena Peacecraft.” Hilde nearly choked, the Queen of the World didn’t look quite so imposing in person. Just a regular teenager like herself. “I’ll tell him.” Hilde said with a wink before exiting the room.

That’s when her world went into chaos. She stole a Mobile suit and raced to get her stolen plans to Duo. Mobile Dolls hot in pursuit. She’d not let them stop her, she opened up a channel to broadcast in all frequency’s. Hopefully one of them was Peacemillion. As she tried to fight the Mobile Dolls she began calling out to Duo. Mindlessly pleading for them as she tried to concentrate on the battle. Praying they’d hear her and come get the data she carried. She was battered and was bleeding “Peacemillion! Peacemillion! Do you read me? Peacemillion! Duo!” she cried as another blow from the Mobile dolls rocked her painfully. Tired and desperately trying to battle, Hilde cried out to Duo. Her pain was intense, but she’d not give up. She’d make it to Duo if it took her last breath. He would have this disk, he would know that they planned to cause nuclear winter on earth. She braced herself for the beam cannon aimed for her, when suddenly she felt a knock and the sound of metal upon metal as the beam was shielded from her. By a large black wing? The Deathscythe! Her heart jumped. Then the com buzzed and crackled. “Hilde? Are you alive in there?” Duo voice sounded angry. “Duo! I’m here Duo.” She said weakly. “You just hang on.” He ordered as he began to battle. “Duo! be careful! Those mobile dolls have Gundam pilot tactical knowledge! Data from the original test pilots!” Hilde yelled out in warning to her beloved. Finally, after what seemed an eternity. Duo was victorious and once again held her mobile suit in his Gundam’s arms. “Hilde! Are you still with me?” He asked as the Vid link opened and she saw his concerned, handsome face staring at her. When he saw the blood covering her, his fear manifested itself as anger. “You stupid Fool! What the hell do you think you’re doing!” He yelled. Hilde just smiled. She deserved the rebuke. “I knew you’d say something like that. I brought you this.” She said holding up the disk. “It’s data on Libra Duo. I’m sorry, I had to fight for you Duo.” She said and Duo’s face softened and tears appeared in his eyes. “You just stay with me Hilde. You keep fighting babe, you hear me. You just keep fighting.” He ordered. Desperately wanting to be there holding her in the flesh. He raced back to Peacemillion as fast as he could safely travel, her mobile suit barely staying in one piece. He kept talking to keep her as lucent, but she was fading fast, she was losing way too much blood. His heart was racing in dread. “Hilde, honey, talk to me.” He said and Hilde blinked at her vid screen. “Duo, do you know Heero Yuy?” Hilde asked and Duo was confused by her question. “Yeah, why?” He asked. “I have a message for him. I think you’re gonna have to give it.” Hilde said and Duo’s heart wrenched painfully. “No babe, you will give it. Don’t you dare leave me!” He said and Hilde smiled. “Just tell him Relena Peacecraft is on board Libra. She wouldn’t leave with me.” Hilde continued with the message. “I’ll tell him. Hilde, don’t you dare give up this fight yet.” Duo said and Hilde ran her fingers down the vid screen. “I love you Duo.” She said and Duo’s tears ran hot down his face. “I love you too Hilde.” He said as he watched her hand fall from the link. “Hilde?” no answer. “Hilde? Hilde! Don’t leave me! Hilde!!” He cried when she grew still and ceased to respond to him. His world went into slow motion. It became almost surreal as he docked with Peacemillion as ripped open her mobile suit to get to her. Calling for help at the top of his lungs. He was sobbing as the Doctors and Sally pried her from his grip. His hands covered in her blood. They began working on her right there on the floor.

Duo felt Quatre’s hand upon his shoulder. Duo turned and sobbed into the comforting embrace of his fellow pilot. “Is that your girl?” Quatre asked softly and Duo nodded sniffling trying to compose himself. “Yeah.” He said wiping his eyes with his sleeve. “That’s my Hilde. Stubborn silly fool that she is.” Duo said trying to cover his pain with humor as always. Quatre smiled at him. “She sounds perfect for you.” He said and Duo smiled back. “She is perfect.” Duo said clutching his shirt by his breaking heart. Sally walked over to him. “Don’t worry Duo. You got her back in time. She’s was close, but she’s still with us. We’ve got her stabilized, for now. What blood type are you?” Sally asked and Duo shrugged. “I think O. Why?” He asked and Sally grabbed his hand. “Perfect, come one. She needs blood and Type O can be used on anyone. She’s AB positive, so am I. We can both giver her some blood. She needs it.” Sally said leading Duo to the infirmary. “I’m AB Positive. I can donate too.” Trowa said baring his arm for Sally’s needle as well. Duo smiled at his friend. “Thanks Trowa.” Duo said and the normally emotionless Trowa smiled. “Don’t mention it.” as all Trowa said.

All five pilots stood in the corridor as they wheeled Hilde into the recovery room, to monitor her progress. Duo turned to Heero “She had a message for you.” He said and Heero raised an eyebrow. “A message for me?’ He asked and Duo nodded. “Relena Peacecraft is on Libra.” Duo said and Heero’s eyes flashed an unreadable emotion before he turned and left. Duo shrugged. “You’re welcome.” Duo said to the retreating Heero. He then handed Hilde’s disk to Quatre. “This is what she nearly died for. I hope you can put it to use.” Duo said shoving the disk into Quatre’s hands. “What is it?” He asked. “Plans on Libra. I never mentioned my girl is a criminal Hacker did I?” Duo said with dark mirth. “I see. I’m sure we can put this to great use. Thank you Duo.” Quatre said looking hopeful. Duo blew his bangs out of his eyes. “Thank her Quatre. She’s the one who risked her neck. I’m just the messenger.” Duo said as he walked over to the door to the recovery room. He turned back to his three remaining friends. “I’m just gonna sit with her a while. I’ll be here if you need me.” He said and all three nodded silently. Quatre laid his hand on Duo’s arm. “She’ll be all right Duo. She’s a fighter.” Quatre said and Duo nodded. “Yeah, I should’ve known when I left she’d not stay put. I knew she was a fighter, once a fighter, always a fighter. I guess that’s part of why I love her.” Duo said with a half smile. Quatre smiled back. “Would you have her any other way?” He asked and Duo shook his head. “No, there’s only one Hilde, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Damn her.” Duo said leaning against the door frame. Quatre laughed. “At last! Someone who can make you speechless. Hold on to her Duo.” Quatre said and Duo smiled. “I plan on holding on forever. She’s my reason in this world Quatre.” Duo said quietly, looking into the room and at all the machines plugged into his love. Quatre embraced him. “Then go to her Duo. We won’t disturb you until it absolutely necessary.” Quatre said then walked away with Trowa and Wufei. Duo sat down next to Hilde and took her hand in his. “Come back to me Hilde. You said you’d be here when I needed you. I need you.” He said kissing her temple. Her eyes fluttered open and met his teary violet gaze. “I knew you needed me. That’s why I’m here.” She said softly as his lips found hers. “You’re a fool!” Duo chided as he began to cry. Hilde smiled “A fool for you.” she responded as he cried joyful tears. She was going to be all right.

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