I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie!


Name: Duo Maxwell (real name rumored to be 'Sandes')

Gender: Male

Alais: Shinigami

Gundam(s): Deathsythe, Deathsythe Hell, Deathsythe Hell Custom

Age: 17 in Japanese version, 15 in American version

Nationality: America

Height: 156cm

Weight: 43KG

Family: None (War orphan)

Hair color: To me it's like a chocolait brown

Eyes: Hard to tell. Sometimes they're blue and then they're purple

Associated Female character: Hilde Schbiker

Special Feature: A long braid and a talkative personality. Strong tolerance

Image songs: Kitto Ok!, It's So Alright!, Good Luck and Goodbye, Wild Wing Boys


Duo is the happy go-lucky type of guy, and I bet after reading his past, you will be saying "How can he be happy!?" well it goes like this my friend. That smile that Duo always has is a mask, if you happen to get on Duo's dark side, you will know why he is the god of death. According to many character guides, Duo is known as the most deadly pilot of the G-boys for a good reason...when he gets ticked, he gets TICKED! its that plain and simple. Not much stops Duo either when it comes to protecting something he cares about, like his girl Hilde Schbiker. He wouldn't let her fight at all against White Fang, and Quatre for the time they escaped to space.


First things first, note that Duo's real name is a RUMOR, I haven't found any proof of it being true. In my opinion, I think Duo has the most tragic past. In the very beginning, Duo's parents where killed as innocent by-standers of the war, and Duo was left to wander the streets of the L2 coloney alone. About the age of 5-6 Duo met Solo, a leader of a band of war orphans who steal in order to survive. Duo and Solo become best friends and Duo is named the next leader because he is the oldest next to Solo.

As time pressed on a virus began to spred through the coloney and some of the orphans where getting really sick. A vaccene was developed, but the Alliance refused to give any to the homeless people, so Duo decided to sneak into the hospital and steal some. Duo succeeds in stealing the vaccene but was only enough for the sick orphans, including Solo. When Duo gave the vaccene to Solo and noticed it had no effect, he realized that he was too late to save him. As Solo was dying he said "Kid, you and I will always be together in friendship" (something like that anyway). Duo then said "If that is so then we will be 'Duo'". And thus ends the tail of how Duo got his first name.

After Solo's death, Duo was in state of deprestion and did not care about his life, he had no vaccene left for himself, so he thought that he would catch and die from the virus eventually. But as always, Shinigami can't be killed and Duo did not catch the virus. Asuming that Solo was watching over him, Duo resumed leading the orphans into theft.

At age 8, Duo lead the orphans to steal some food from a grocery shop, but during the escape, Duo ran into a priest named father Maxwell. Father Maxwell apologized and let Duo be on his way. The next theft plan was to sneak into the army warehouse, but the orphans ended up getting caught, but where sent to the Maxwell church to be adopted. Sister Helen tried to cut Duo's hair because it was messy and dirty, Duo did not want it cut, so Sister Helen braid it instead. Duo never get adopted because he always caused problems. Duo also put some school children in the hospital because they said he smelt dirty. (The church did not have much water so baithing opportunities where limited). Duo also commented that he thinks the only god in the world is Shinigami (god of death) because he has never seen a miracle but lots of dead people.

Time passed all was well untill rebels used the church as a cover for the wounded. The rebles said the if they had one mobel suit, they would win their battle, but Father Maxwell said that they should not fight, and was struck down by the leader. Duo got angery and told the rebles that he would steal a moble suit for them if they left them alone. Duo succeded in stealing the moble suit, and retuned to find the church in ruins and everyone dead. Duo was then taken into custody by the army. Later Duo escaped and stole way abord a ship in which Dr.G was on. Dr.G was impressed how Duo snuck abord and asked for his name. Duo said "My name is Duo! I run, I hide, but I never tell a lie! Duo Maxwell!"

Duo was trained to become a Gundam pilot, but when he discoverd about Operation Meteor, he tried to blow up Deathscyth, kill himself and everyone else abord the ship. The bomb failed, and Dr.G suggested that Duo go ahead to Earth to take revenge on OZ.

That my friends is how Duo got his name and became a Gundam pilot and become the person he is now.

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