Stop fighting and get along!

Here's the story, I was surfing anipike untill I noticed how many sites out there where dissin' other sites for being Yaoi or Non-yaoi, well Im sure that some of us have noticed this little Web-War that's on the go. So what can we do? Well I have an idea. I am now starting a Web-War alliance, to join all you have to do is save one of these banners to your webspace and upload them to your Yaoi or Non-yaoi site and link them back to my index site, when you get that done E-mail me and I will list your Web-name and Site address on this page. Its that easy! Let's work together to end the Yaoi/Non-yaoi Web-War!

Brought to you by Chibi Neko's Gundam Wing Rest Pad

End The War Members

Member Name
Anthy's Rose Garden
Kuroi Shi
Wing Zero
Land of Anime
Dark Beauty
Kissing the Reaper Seducing the Dragon
Madam's Sanctuary