If you want to send in any non-yaoi fanfiction, send them to *Email Removed* Sence im an open-minded person, will accept anything from angst to lemons. I'll take anything, just as long its non-yaoi. Alot of the Fiction here is very humorous, and there are some that contain lemon (lemon=sex). So if you are under the age of 17, please do NOT read the lemons! You have been warned!

Fiction by the Fablespinner

A soul for a soldier This is a fic that involves Heero

Dating a Deity ***LEMON WARNING *** A fic about Duo and Hilde, from how they met, to when Duo left to fight White Fang.

Party Night ~or~ Quatre's Twenty-First Fiasco! A short little fic about Quatre

Fiction by Jadet

No Longer Alone A sweet little fic about Heero and Relena

Fiction by Bryan

Be Like Heero Yuy, An Easy Ten Step Program This one is really funny. Check it out!

Fiction by Lady Orla

A Toast to the Bride and Groom I love this one! It's Duo and Hilde's Wedding reception, and the floor is opened for speeches by the other pilots. Need I say more?

Fiction by MRWW

This one is pretty interesting...I came across it and heck with it, I posted it. Duo is in a coma and Hilde is having a hard time to deal with it, but Heero helps her out. This fic has 5 parts as listed below. ***LEMON WARNING*** in "Temptation" & "Fall From Grace"

Temptation Confession Penance Redemption Fall From Grace

Fiction by Bluefire

Cold Season The G-boys have a cold! Ever wonderd what would happen if they got sick?

Super Heros This ine if really funny! The G-boys eat some pixy dust and want to become super heros!

Wayne Zero A short fic that goes from hating cereal to John Wayne

Fiction by Streak

The Golden Bird This pretty cool! Its about Heero and Relena!

Fiction by Baerwolf

This fic is called "The Grieving Process". Quatre is Hurt bad. His odds for survival are not good. Faced with likelihood of loosing him, the other pilots quickly begin to discover just how important he was to their lives. As they succum to face the tragic prospect of life without him, they begin to find comfort from the most unlikely sources.....

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

Fiction by Mini Moon Brat

Broke What happens when Quatre asks for a bedtime story?! Crazyness!

Fiction by Atashi Komatsu

Mask A nice little poem of Trowa reflecting on himself.

Fiction by >Tenoko

The Missing Rose.... What would happen if Treize were alive? What would happen if Mariemaia found Treize? Can lost love be reunited after death, when through death brought life? "Please Lady... let me back in your life..."

I will be getting more soon ^_^

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