Final Fantasy Bash! The Sequal

On May 18th...I was bored. And Cuddles said "Why not go on a little trip?" And I said "Yes! Why not!" So I packed my bags and pulled out my poncho once again, and headed for St. Johns! But this wasn't just a little trip to the old city again...nope! This was the strong-hold of the second Final Fantasy Bash!

Gee...dosn't everyone look happy to see me?

Anyway remember Kristan? (if not view the 19th birthday bash) she was the one who organized this lovely event! When I got there they had three different TV's set up along with a P4 Computer, PS1, PS2, and a treat for lovers of old school... SNES!! Here you can see 'Chris' on the couch reading my 'Ghost in the Shell' Manga, Megan is playing Legend of Dragoon (Kristan said that her nickname is Duff... don't ask me why im just the web mistress), Kristan is playing FFIV, Matthew is on the computer doing god knows what, and Wannie is setting up the SNES to play FFVI! Guestbook Girl couldn't join me for this event because she is all the way in Europe! Hey Guestbook girl! If your reading's the weather over there!
*Ahem* Anyway we then decided to go downtown! Lets see how it went!

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