Before we got on the bus for Downtown, I tried to take some pictures with my camera, but the film ran out so we all went to get some more. When I did get some it didn't seem to work right in the camera, so I took it out..examined it..and put it back in...or kinda. I have a drop-and-load camera, and it was doing anything but loading! Then when I closed the wouldn't open! We then got a disposable camera... you can tell that Chris didn't's down town we go!


Well I said that I was going downtown..and I did!

Remember the place "Down Town Comics?" The place that I said looked like the Batcave? Well here it is! It's been upgraded from 'underground' to 'on the ground'! Cool huh?


Our heads looked in all different directions when we walked inside! The first thing I bought here was my very own stuffed moogle! Yeah! They had Final Fantasy plush toys there!! But I wasn't prepared for the suprise that Kristan had in store for me....

This is by far the best item in the world! Get ready all you lonely christians for we now introduce you to 'Buddy Jesus' I know that the picture can't be seen too well, but if you could only see the million dollar smile this thing had, you would be on photoshop all day trying to restore it!


Next came one of MY favorite places to be! Sure it had no kimonos, but that can wait! (Rumor has it that Guestbook Girl is going to pick up some chinese shirts from Europe!)This place is a Japanese grocery store! and becasue of that I now have my very own Maneki Neko!! I also bought a fan and rice bowl too! Duff was the first to find the Maneki Nekos in the back of the store, so I blowed pass her so that I could get one...Duff then caught on and got one for herself too. Chris bought a ton ramen noodles for a great price! And some Pockys! They are the greatest snack in the world!!!

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