On to the noodles!

Chris was generous enough to share the MANY noodles that he had bought. The first task was cooking them...it began from boiling the water...to throwing them on the ceiling to see if they where done....I'll let you viewers decide what happend when the stuff was served.


Ah HA! It is true! Chibi Neko always eats in a special event! What Can I say....I love my noodles.

I guess you can kinda tell that I was the first to get my share....poor Wannie back there is trying to get what she can from the leftovers! Now I really feel like a pig!


Now we feast!

Nothing special to see here. Duff and Wannie are playing poker, Kristan is diving into her noodles, Im playing with my newly aquired Amano tarot cards, and Matthew is using his chopsticks and our soda cans as a drum set! I told you he was exited to get his set! Chris has most likely fled the scene when this all started to take place.
Yep...all is well here...

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