Remember when I said that I have a new game? Well here it is! I bought Vagrant Story for a great price at the same place I bought Lunar during the last Final Fantasy event! I think that this is the start of a tradition here...


After our attempts to clean the kitchen from our noodle feast, I fired up the PS2 that was connected to the big screen TV and I popped in the game!

We all found the game really interesting...but the most entertainment came from watching me getting used to the battle and menu system this game has! Man it's complex! But it's ok when you get the hang of it.

After that we then went to our seperate TV's and played more games to pass the time. At midnight we took out my Vampire Hunter D movie and watched that for the remaider of the night. Kristan then played FFX at 3AM and the rest of us where pretty much beat. After all that game playing, anime, and noodles....we thought that it was time to turn in for the night.

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