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Name: dous_braid
Country: America Date: Sat Nov 9 14:47:12 2002
Comment: this is the coolest i have ever gone to! it has everything that i like especially some really hot pics! well good luck chibi neko on any updates u do or in your life. da cow mooood the dog barked and i screamed and made no sense. ^-^ well byes

Name: Paul
Country: Canada Date: Tue Oct 22 21:50:06 2002
Comment: Hey Crytal
long time since i visited this site...I really like it though...way cool! Hope everything is going well for you. It is here. Well, to some extent, with the issue of my maximus likeness for you-know-who! But hey! Well, thats all, take care now.
Yo pal Paul

Name: Guestbook Girl (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Sun Sep 22 02:12:25 2002
Comment: Hey Chibi Neko!
It's been a while since I've signed your guestbook. I must be getting slack on my job! ^_^ The next version 4.0 looks good, though I'm viewing it on *gasp* the larger resolution. heheh. Things are getting busy in arty art school, but I must say I'm enjoying my digital imagery course. How's the job training going and how's life in "town"? I hope everything is good! Talk later.

Name: Seiryu (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 17 22:19:05 2002
Comment: Great site! G-wing and Yu-gi-oh are my favorite animes too! Wow, awesome stuff although none of the links on your wallpaper work...*sniff*...wallpaper is the best part...oh well, keep up awesome work, bye bye for now....

Name: Kristen
Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 3 21:14:15 2002
Comment: Love it! Great site. I love the image gallery... I haven't been able to find one as of recently that had pictures that I hadn't seen everywhere else. Very nice layout too... all though, FYI... the link to your gallery is only half there and hopefully there isn't anything underneath it, cause there's no scroll-thingy on the left side frame. :) Good work! I like... and will recommend

Name: Maximus (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 3 21:11:14 2002
Comment: Very nice site... it's not often that I run across a website with a worthy graphics gallery. You did very well when you put this together. Keep up the good work.

Name: rabid^duck
Country: kristen land Date: Tue Sep 3 13:12:15 2002
Comment: MOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! sorry i had to do that don't know why though... oh yeah now i remember, i'm insane. not necessarily a bad thing though, hooray for a new yu gi oh site!!! i can't wait for it... send me a little preview of it will you please... well gotta go babysit lil sisters... dang. see you later space cowboy

Name: Vinnie (Homepage)
Country: Canada.... Date: Wed Aug 28 15:45:24 2002
Comment: I really LOVE your site! I haven't been able to find too many GDW sites anymore. **sigh** I'm so bord... Any ways... Keep Up the good Work!!

Name: rabid^duck (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Mon Aug 26 14:50:03 2002
Comment: well since you're having problems with getting your guestbook signed and i haven't signed the new one yet.... hello! really like the new layout, i like blue, you'll have to give me pointers when i finally get all my stuff for a site

Name: Chibi Neko (Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Wed Aug 14 21:15:28 2002
Comment: I would like to welcome everyone to the new Guestbook of the Gundam Wing Rest pad! enjoy!
I know that Guestbook Girl will ^_^

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