After the shoot-off, Miss C noticed that Cuddles was hungry. Lady S said that she would have gotten the food herself, but she was too short to reach it (Inside joke)


I reached for the food myself, but couldn't reach it. Why mom kept the food in a high storage area I'll never know. It's not like Cuddles would go to the cuboard and get it himself. If he did, I would have gotten him to help me with my JAVA studies! After I had an idea! The JAVA book is thick! So why not!

When Cuddles was fed, and fresh water was put down for him. Lady S had the bizzare idea of having a water jugging contest! I asked her why, and she said that it was only fair if she got to beat me at something like Miss C did in Parasite Eve 2. I accepted the challange and we began to fill up our glasses.

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