I then took this opportunity to get back to studying JAVA. Considering the amount of water Charlotte consumed, I knew that she was going to be there for a while.

Anyway after Miss C was done with the bathroom, she and Lady S went home. Most of my night was waisted on nightly trips to the bathroom. My mom asked if anyting was wrong, and I told her not to ask!

But to stay on the positive side...I took the exam on the 11th and I think I did well enough to pass the course. Just passing it will be fine with me because what am I going to use JAVA for!? The only uses I have found for the book was a placemat and a real good step-ladder. Hey! How many people have found a way to get a programming language to stuff like that for them!? Well its all over now, and now Cuddles and I can look forward to the holidays! Cuddles has got me guessing on what he's giving me.


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