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This is one of my favoret Gundam Wing sites! it has pics, offical info, fanfiction, and a pool in the back yard (delete that last one) Gundam fans will love this site.

This site has great information about all of the series!
Lots of info about characters and mechas
Lots of info about characters,mechas and has a great selection of wallpapers and skins!


This site has both fanfiction and fanart! Its focused on Quatre and Dorothy.

This site has some great fanfiction and is always getting more! Check it out!

Gundam Wing Non-Yaoi
Non-yaoi fanfiction. Heero and Relena based

More Non-yaoi fanfiction! ^_^

The Gundam Wing Fan Fiction Turnpike/CENTER>
A turnpike to the GW fanfiction world!

Image galleries

Lots of character images!

The name says it all

I think this is the biggest image collection I have seen!

The Shooting Stars
These people keep getting more and more pics!

The Gundam Wing Gallery
Once again...the name says it all

DuoxHilde Sites

This site has great pic as fanfics! Any DuoxHilde fans would be crazy not to go here!

Has a large selection of fanfics and great essays!

A nice non-yaoi page with lots of great non-yaoi links!

This site quite possible has the largest fanfic archive! More then 100 fics!

Nice selection of fanfics and some great art!

Coco Neko Award Winners

A great online network that features communities and disussion fourms on games, music and much more!

This place has TONS of anime Mp3's including GW!

Oh No! Not Another Final Fantasy VII WebPage!
This place has outstanding FFVII Fanfiction! Plus an Internet series!

Other stuph

Sugar Wings
*Winner of the Golden Pencil Award* A great anime site with an awsome layout!

The Offical Jin-Roh Website
The offical website to one of the greatest anime movies of all time!

The greatest radio station of all time! All anime and game music!

This is my friend Amanda's page. Great for RPG and anime fans!

This place has TONS of pics, Fanfiction, MP3s, douijinshi and much more! A must visit!

This is a site made by one of my friends. It contains wonderful poetry by him and a great sci-fi novel now in the progress! Click here if you are looking for some great reading material!

This is the most complete Parasite Eve site I know of!

This is also the most complete Final Fantasy site I know of

My friend Mike's Site! It's new and everything is original. Please visit

This is where I adopted my Duo and Hilde kitties!

>Carol & Vicky's Anime Links
This page is new and still under construction, but it looks great so far!

Kissing the Reaper Seducing the Dragon
This is a great page for non-yaoi and yaoi fans alike! Galleries, fanfics, and more!

Fireball World
*Winner of the Chibi Neko Silver Award* A great site all about Mario and the gang!

THE #1 anime links page!

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