You see I arrived in St.Johns on Friday the 13th! What luck! but we havent planned on seeing the movie till the 14th, so that means we have some time to kill. When I got to my brother's place, Guestbook Girl was heading for class, so I went and grabbed my swim suit so that we may go swimming after her class was done. No I dont have a pic of me in my swim suit, so you guys out there can sit back in your seats!

After swimming, we decided to go to Signal Hill! Here in this pic you can see me wearing my trade-mark poncho standing on Cabot Tower.


In case some of you dont know, Signal Hill is the birth place of Airborn Communication! Now also the birth place of Guestbook Girl's Airborn Skirt. The communication displayed in this pic can have many messages. The skirt can be saying that it is a windy day on top of the Cabot Tower, or that big grin on her face could be saying that she's proud to be sitting next to a "No Sitting Zone" sign. Whatever the pic says to you is fine...too bad Marcony wasnt here when this pic was taken.


This HAS to be the most wrong looking pic taken here. The sunset looks really nice from Signal Hill, so I thought it would be ok to stand by the Tower and take a look at it! Apperenty the locals dont think so, judging by the way that big-ass canon is aiming for my back. But in the end I found that they where just on for display. But having those canons aiming for their own city is a bad way of bringing the past to the present, makes you wonder if the enemies where coming from the city in the first place.

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