We musn't fight eachother!


Name: Quatre Raberba Winner

Gender: Male

Gundam(s): Sandrock, Sandrock Kai, Sandrock Custom

Age: 17 in Japanese version, 15 in American version

Nationality: Arabian

Height: 156cm

Weight: 41KG

Family: 29 Sisters from different mothers, Father, 40 Maganacs

Hair color: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Green

Associated Female character: Other then Dorathy, I have no idea

Special Feature: Blond, caucasian bishonen. Resembles both parents

Image songs: I Am Your Friend, Stars' Look, Brave Eyes


Quatre is my second fave pilot, but yet I still like to call him sissy boy. (Chibi Neko takes cover from roaring Quatre fans) Wait! Hear me out! I love this guy too, he is the kind and gentle type, but he was known as a spoiled brat before he met the Maganacs. Quatre is very talented in the arts such as painting, and music. Quatre can play the piano, violin, and the flute. In the series, Qutare is actually the leader in battle, especially when the GW boys unite and fight against White Fang,and he also leads the group in the Preventer 5 manga.


In the begining, when the colonys where first constructed, the women lived a hard life due to the unnatrual enviroment in space and had reproductive abnormalities, and it became law that children can only be born a test tube babies. But as time passed the living coditions became better, but the Winner family lived in space seince the constrution of the colonys and still had reproductive abnormalities. Quatre was born natually out of a test-tube but his mother Quaterine died giving birth to him.

As Quatre grew, he became spoiled and alway looked down on people. When Quatre was 13, he was on his way to Earth until his ship was surrounded by the Maguanacs. Quatre was informed of their situation, but Quatre said that it had nothing to do with him, and went to sleep. When Quatre wakes up, his ship has been brought to federation sattelite and he was taken hostage, but Quatre says that he would not make a good hostage and is worthless. Rasid the leader of the Maguanacs, called Quatre's father and explanes his plan to take the sattelite workers back to Earth, Mr. Winner agrees and allows him to have free use of his resources. When Mr. Winner asks to talk to his son, Quatre tells him how he thinks Mr. Winner made them as tools for his foundation, Mr. Winner says that its not true and Rasid slaps Quatre, telling him to have more pride in himself, and that he too was born out of a test-tube.

As Rasid is evacuating the wokers, Quatre meets a scientist, which we all know as the creator of the Gundam Sandrock, and he learns a little more about pride from him. As Quatre was leaving him, he finds one of the Maguanacs transmitting information out to the federation, Quatre catches him and ties him up for his betrayel (guess Quatre is pretty tough after all). Quatre brings him to the other Maguanacs and tell them that he was sending information to the Federation. When Rasid thanks Quatre, the man gets loose and tries to shoot Rasid, Quatre pushes him out of the way, but ended up getting his shoulder hurt and Rasid got hurt as well. The Federation surrounds the sattelite and Rasid orders the Maguanacs to fight them until the last shuttel has taken off, Quatre offers to help and Rasid gives him his moble suit and goggles. Quatre impresses the Maguanacs with his fighting and leadership skills considering he has an injured arm. When the fighting is over, Quatre says that he would like to go to Earth but wants to get stronger first, he then flies off. Rasid says the they're in his dept and tells everyone that they ill call him Master Quatre. The other Maguanacs have no complantes about it and agrees.

After that, Quatre's leadership skills are used to lead the Maguanacs and later becomes the leader of the Gundam pilots.

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