Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Welcome all to Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!
Here I display scans of the Rarest cards in the game Duel Monsters and the great collector items that duelests 'Just gotta have'! I'll also discuss different matters about the card, like 'Is it worth getting?' or 'When will it be out in english?' and anything else that comes to mind. Its like a Card of the Week except Chiros dosen't take all the fun... (Ya hear that Chiros!?? I have my own card section now!!) Ahem... on with the rare cards...

Great Angel Zerart
It is now time to take a lookie into the newest Japanese set, "Sanctuary of the Sky"! Just by looking at this card 'Great Angel Zerart', you can tell good things are to come with this set. Let's continue.

Great Angel Zerart is one of those card that can take a little effort to get out, but once pulled off, the effort is well woth it in the end! This card requires a magic card on the field and a tribute.

Right away you can tell that this card belongs in a warrior deck. First you need the 'Sanctuary of the Sky' magic card on the field, which is named after the set ^_^, and then you need to offer a 'Warrior of Zera' as a tribute, (The card has to be on the field in order for it to work), and vola! You get a kick ass monster! I can tell that many warrior duelists are going to be after this card, and here is why!

The translation of the card are as follows: This card can't be Normal Summoned. This card can only be Special Summoned if a [Sanctuary of the Sky] is on the Field, and by sacrificing 1 face-up [Warrior of Zera] on your Field. You can discard 1 Light Main-Type Monster from your hand to the Cemetery to destroy all Monsters on your opponent's Field. If a [Sanctuary of the Sky] is not on your Field, you can't use this effect.

This is card... is um... wow! Not only can you use this card in a warrior deck, but in light decks as well! I do not see many light themed decks today, but that will change when this card arrives. As long as you have 'Sanctuary of the Sky' on your field, you can discard any light monster from your hand to wipe out your opponents monters! Then you can attack with your hearts content... if you can get rid of annoying traps, which is something we all know how to do very well. Great Angel Zerart's attack power is no push-over either, 2800 ATK! Just a few hits with this card can win the duel!

To sum it up this card is great, a little tough to get out, but its worth it. In the Sanctuary of the Sky set, this card is parallel rare, which you can only get one per box... if you are lucky, but to us I can see this card being an Ultra-rare.... I am not sure about a secret-rare or promo. Guess we will have to wait and see

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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