Celebrating one year of the Poncho!

Feb 22nd/2001 was the launch date of the Gundam Wing Rest Pad!! Ah yes a full year has gone by, and so much has happened! FanFiction, Awards, Banners, and crazy adventures with Chibi Neko and Friends! Let's take time to celebrate and take a look at the past year shall we?

I remember this! My early MS Paint experience. That was all I had to work with before Photoshop came into play. Before V3.0 of the Rest Pad came out I wasn't sure what I was doing and how well this would go. But now the site has reached over 5000 hits! I knew that this had to be a start to something!


The one thing I do remember is bringing the Rest Pad to the Internet. It wasn't like any other uploading experience that many of you know of. Because my connection is a measly 56K, It would take a very long time to upload 30megs of data to the Internet, so I burned a backup and brought it to my computer in college and uploaded it with an awesome DSL connection! You gotta love it!


But that's not all. Not only did I spend most of the day renaming files and signing up to many Yahoo accounts, My class decided to hook up a Dreamcast to the projector and play Crazy Taxy on the wall! I wasn't just really distracted, I was on the floor laughing at the entire concept of the game! The more people you run over and stunts you do the more point you get! Naturally I had to take time off to play it.

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