Name: Triton Bloom

Gender: Male

Alais: Trowa Barton

Gundam(s): Heavyarms, Heavyarms Kai, Heavyarms Custom

Age: 17 in Japanese version, 15 in American version

Nationality: Latin

Height: 160cm

Weight: 44KG

Family: Caterine Bloom

Hair color: Brown

Eyes: Dark Green

Associated Female character: Catherine Bloom (Older sister)

Special Feature: Calm and cautious, once in a while his true emotions will show, revealing a person who feels the sorrow of war.

Image songs: Clown, Love is a Shooting Star, Make my Way


Trowa is very silent and hardley ever shows a change of expression on his face. In the series Trowa works at a circus as a clown, which seems very unlikely and yet very appropriate. You see for some strange reason Trowa is suicidal, and of course what better way to attempt it by doing death defying tricks? (*sigh* what's the world coming to?) Trowa also appears cold hearted at first, but once he gets into a friendship, he cares for the person deeply. Take Quatre for example (I know that this is a non-yaoi site, but you can't help but wonder what's going on between those two). Trowa is strong in hand-to-hand combat, and is very smart on the battlefield. I have always thought that Trowa would become the leader of the gundam battles, but nope, the leader is Quatre.


In the begining, when Trowa was an infant, the war on Earth was spreading. Trowa's parents tried to escape with him and his older sister, but during their escape, they where caught in the middle of a battle. Trowa was seperated while his parents where killed. Trowa's sister Catherine could not find her little brother, so she assumed that he was dead.

Trowa was then taken in by some rebels and they called him 'Nanashi'(Noname) seeing that he didn't have one. Trowa then worked with the rebels on their missions. During one of the missions Trowa was assinged, he discovers a girl named Midii Une. Trowa helps her by taking her back to the camp, when Midii asked Trowa why did he help her, and Trowa answers "You and I are the same". Midii then gives Trowa a cross in thanks for helping her. Later on, the rebels decide to have a suprise attack on the army, who happend to be former comrads. They failed, but Trowa and the surviors returned to their headquarters. Midii greets them with a hot meal and it's appearnt that she knows of the attack against their fomer comrads. At that moment the camp was under attack and Trowa and Midii escape on a motor bike. When the battel ends, Trowa finds the leader of the rebels dead (the guy who took him in). Midii finds Trowa and he identifies her as a spy, Midii dose not deny it but she explanes that she had to do it in order to feed her family. Trowa then tosses the cross saying that it was also a transmitter. Trowa then walks away, leaving Midii alone, and makes plans to go into outter space.

When Trowa became 15, Operation meteor was falling into place, the man who was the real Trowa Barton was selected to pilot the Heavyarms and go to Earth, but he did not like the idea and rebeled against it and was then shot by a michanic. Noname witnessed the shooting and came out from his work area. He then requested that he take the name of the pilot and take charge of Operation Meteor. The scientist agreed and sent the new Trowa to Earth.

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