By Atashi Komatsu

I wear a mask to hide the truth.
I wear a mask to hide that I am.
No one knows. No one sees.
All they know is what they think.

"Better to keep your mouth closed,
And let people think you are a fool,
Then to open it and prove them right."

This is the lesson I understand.
This is what I know.
This is one peice of truth.

Open you mouth,
You are a fool.
Open your heart,
And you will be hurt.

I wear a mask to hide that I am.
I wear a mask to keep them from knowing.
Keep them from knowing who I am.
What I am.

Do I know what I am?
- Who I am?

I am covered, blinded.
I am confused, dazed.
I am hurt, weeping.

I am gray.
Like a stoned sidewalk.
Like cold rain.
Like ice.
I am nothing at all.

I wear a mask to hide that I am.
From them - so they wouldn't know.
From myself - so I wouldn't have to feel.


Author's Note: So, what do you think? I had Trowa in my head all day and I wrote this in English Class. Personnally, I thought it wasn't too bad. If this is confusing to you, don't blame me, blame my muse. She's the one that made me write this. *Maaya-san walks in and grabs Atashi's ear* Ok Ok! THIS IS NOT CONFUSING! AND THIS IS NOT MAAYA'S FAULT!*Maaya-san smiles and let goes Atashi's ear* Thank you. REVIEW PLEASE PEOPLE!!!

Later y'all ~ Atashi-chan
*Created by Atashi Komatsu. All rights reserved.* atashi_komatsu@hotmail.com

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