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I have recieved an email from Seraph asking that if I could try and clear up the DuoXHilde coupling. Well Im a fan of this couple...but unlike some HeeroXDuo Fans...I am not afraid to speak the truth! Now after some time on the Internet and looking into my own knowledge, I have come up with this essay... Hilde and Duo: The Hard Core Truth!

Topic One: The production of Gundam Wing

When Sunrise made Gundam Wing, The producers had most of the main characters involved (in a small way) with someone of the opposite sex. TreizeXLady Une, ZechsXNoin, WufeiXSally, HeeroXRelena, are the main ones. We all know that Trowa and Catherine are Brother-Sister, and the only time Quatre and Dorothy really have an involvment with each other was when they where fighting. Now the producers needed someone to meet up with Duo, and of course the best match would be someone who is perky, and talkative like Duo. The producers also noticed that Duo didn't have much interaction with other characters besides the other Gundam Pilots, so a female character was added to Duo life, not only to interact him with other people, but to display his value of friendship, like in the episode where Duo saves Hilde when she hacked into Libra's database. Some of Duo's personality would not have been shown if Hilde wasn't added to the show.

Topic Two: Events within the series

During there series, when Duo met Hilde on the coloney, Duo didn't think much of Hilde at all. The fact that he called her "Babe" in that scene just shows us that Duo has a liking for girls, this can be proved again when he called Relena "Good-lookin" in the episode Duo and Heero hid themselves in a school, and Relena followed. In the beginning, Hilde didn't care much about Duo either, Hilde heard Duo bad-mouthing OZ and she defended it. Hilde also tried to arrest Duo for using a fake application to join OZ and even threatend to kill Duo if he resisted. Things changed though when Duo had a little talk with Hilde, and he was able to change her mind about OZ, which causes her to save him when he escapes and tries to enter the Lunar Base. After that chain of events, how Duo moved in with Hilde is a total mystery, but they work together in the scrap yard and Hilde keeps tabs on the outside world and keeps Duo informed of anything unnatural. After some time Duo chooses tp leave and fight against White Fang, Hilde askes to go with him, but Duo tells her to stay and that she shouldn't throw her life away. The last time we see Hilde is when she sneaks abord Libra and hacks into the database to get information for the pilots but gets caught by the Vayate and Mercurius. Hilde sends a distress call to the Peacmillion, and calls Duo's name, reason this being that Duo is the only Gundam Pilot that she knows. When you think about it, the show would not be very different without Hilde, but I guess the creator said "Hey! Everyone else meets with someone! Why not Duo too?" After the series comes Endless Waltz, and in the end Duo and Hilde are still under one roof, and a year after in Preventer 5, Sally looks for Duo at Hilde's place, and Hilde says that he still lives with her, but he sometimes just leaves without saying anything and comes back the next day without her noticing it. Overall I wouldn't say that Hilde and Duo are a couple of lovers, but of course I could be wrong...there is no way of knowing what happend between them when Duo moved in, and lived there.

Topic Three: Doujinshi

Duo & Hilde Doujinshi Doujinshi is manga created, and sold by fans, which of course means that the material and events within these stories are unoffical and have nothing to do with the series. In most of the doujinshis that involve Duo and Hilde, always have them as a couple, and I agree that they are. Being a DuoXHilde fan, I would of course love the doujinshi's about them, just like the HeeroXDuo fans do, but I always know that it is unoffical, and is all fanbased. So overall the reason for DuoXHilde fans to exist is the same reason HeeroXDuo fans exist...FANDOM! People shouldn't fight over with forms of evidence and proof that either couple are together, because according to the offcial interview with the creator of Gundam Wing, there are no romantic relationships between the characters (can't speak for Noin and Zechs though ^_^) but its always fun to statisfy our imaginations with fanfictions, just as long as we don't diss each other for it saying that the other person is wrong or not, and just enjoy them!

Well that just sums up my discoveries, about this other argued topic. Thanks to Seraph for asking about this topic. I just hope that the truth has settled things a little and that all Gundam fans can get along. If you think you have a argeument that you think I can help settle, E-mail me and I will do some research on it and post the results.

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