Heero: I do not find this at all funny! *01/16/05* Hey, I regret to inform you that the Rest Pad will no longer be updated, at least anytime soon. I have came to the conclusion that I am too busy with other sites to update this site that I am somewhat less interested in. However if there is anything about Gundam Wing that any of you are looking for or want updated, feel free to email me or post it on the guestbook. I will post additional content by request. Thanks!

*01/28/04* Long time no see! This update I have added 4 new pics to the Neko Gallery! The Card Closet has been upgraded to a new version and thus some of the graphics have changed. I have had emails from people who liked them, so I decided to keep the images online and placed in the Neko-Gallery. Enjoy!

*12/06/03* Happy holidays! This update I have added new pics in the gallery! 1 new Duo pic, 1 new Wufei pic, and three new group pics! Well I must be off. Its no money spending season so I must head out to empty my pocket. Have a good one!

*10/20/03* I think this has been the longest update gap ever! Right now im thinking of a new version of the Rest Pad... I really don't know. I also had to get a new guestbook. theguestbook.com decided to charge for their services and so most of the entries were wiped out! Dammit. Anyway the new book is there so sign away!