Name: Wufei Chang

Gender: Male

Gundam(s): Shenlong, Altolong, Shenlong Custom

Age: 17 in Japanese version, 15 in American version

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 156cm

Weight: 46KG

Family: Meiran (Deceased wife)

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Black

Associated Female character: Sally Po

Special Feature: White robe from Tang Dynasty, hair pulled back in a pony tail, long slanted eyes.

Image songs: Knock on morning's door, Grasp the Truth, Let into top


Wufei can be either really quiet, or really loud when he talks about justice. Wufei in my opinion is my least fave pilot, "why?" some of you fans may ask, well in the OVA, Wufei has a tendency to call women "Stupid Onnas", well guess what! Im a woman, so you can't blame me for disliking a guy who calls me a stupid onna! End of story! *ah-hem* anyway Wufei has a good sence of justice, and it so happens he got if from his wife (let learned something from a woman! O_O) and he is really good in martial arts and swordmanship. Wufei really earns the reputation of a solitary dragon. Even in a crowd of people, Wufei always looks like he's on his own. Wufei also likes to fight alone too.


In the year A.C. 194, the heirs of the Dragon Clan where required to marry at the age of 14. Meiran was the next heire and was also the strongest. Therefore she prided herself as "Nataku". Later on after their marrage, Meiran finds Wufei and challanges him, but Mairan looses. Wufei asks her why dose she fight, and Meiran answers "For justice!", but Wufei dissagrees and says that there is no justice, only individual circumstances. After that incedent, Wufei finds Master O with a gundam and the Tallgeese. Master O asks Wufei for a name, and Wufei calls it Shenlong. Meanwhile, OZ arrives at the colony in order to take it over, and Treize orders a mobile suit attack, Meiran finds out about the attack and decides to go out to fight in the Tallgeese, but Master O tells her that a woman cannot pilot it, and Mairan says "Then I hereby give up being a woman! I am Nataku!!" and she leaves on the Tallgeese.

Mairan dose fairly well, but takes the fight outside so that the flowers wont be ruined. Wufei finds that his wife is fighting and takes Shenlong, and gose after her. Wufei finds that the Federation and OZ are using biological warfare, and dislikes it very much. Meiran is taking a beating and Wufei orders her to go back, but not before saving his skin, which causes her to be tossed out of the Tallgeese. Wufei saves her and Meiran asks to be taken to the flower field. When they get to the field, Meiran askes Wufei if she was strong, and Wufei aggrees saying that she is stronger than anyone, but Meiran leans on Wufei's shoulders adn says that he is stronger, and dies.

After that, Wufei agrees to fly the gundam, but he now names it Nataku, for he remembers how Meiran protected the gundam, and so her spirit lives on in it.

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