April had two homes before coming into mine. A friend of mine adopted her and took really good care of her, however he began to develop a allergy to his rats, and so entrusted them all to me. April was very healthy, but very timid, she did not like being out of her cage much, if taken out, she would always try to leap back in. In fact, April had a very similar personality to Bruce, like to be the boss, but once taken out of the cage, would turn wimp.

April came to my home with Shadow, Fudge, and S'more. Fudge was a old rat and died only a few weeks, so April took over and was the boss since, even when I got more rats, any time they where placed in the cage, April would often bully them, so I had to get more cages to place any new comers in.

Soon April became the only rat in the cage, Shadow and S'more passed on, but April still kept going strong, her coat was shiny and she had tons of energy, but in the beginning of May, a small tumour formed on her neck. I have seen many tumours on rats, but this was the first time I seen one on the neck. The tumour was slow, so she seemed fine, however a few weeks later, the tumour grew very fast and very large. While April was still lively, I did not want the tumour to grow much more or it would end up suffocating her, and that would be a terrible way to go. April was also old and the tumour was causing her to lose weight. I waited as long as I could. On May 25th I took her to the vet to be put down. The vet agreed with my decision due to the size and location of the tumour.

Bye bye April, you lived long and well, I am sure you are ruling the Rainbow Bridge right now.