Belmont was an amazing little boy. He and his brother Simon where adopted from PetSmart on October 2012, when I picked them up we really hit it off, they licked me and I could not resist. I unpacked the cage and took them home with me.

Out of the two, Belmont was more outgoing, he loved to explore, loved to crawl around on my shoulder, and always had time to nap on my lap. Belmont was kinda the boss, he was bigger then his brother, and was sometimes nicknamed Fat-Rat. Both he and Simon where inseparable, they always cuddled in the hammock, and when not in the hammock, Belmont would get creative with his own sleeping habits by laying on his back.

Sadly on December 2nd, Simon suddenly passed away, Belmont did not seem to notice at first, believing that Simon was just out for a bit, but when he did not return, Belmont began to get lonely, knowing that Belmont was accustomed to a companion, I tried getting him a friend, however the new rat Leon was not used to friends, and so they had to be separated.

I did my best to give Belmont extra attention, and he was still as affectionate as ever, but something was wrong in late February, he began to twitch, and his front leg was limpy, I was ready to take him to the vet to put him down, but the next day Belmont seemed to perk up, he ate and was able to climb again, however his mind was effected, he would cuddle into me one moment, and the next he would turn on me, as if he forgot who I was, Belmont would bite, but only warning nips, nothing to break the skin.

Belmont had good days and bad days, sometimes at night he would look so weak that he would go limp and sleep for hours, it was possible that he was experiencing sezures, because he would always recover the next morning. Belmont did not seem to suffer, so I took it one day at a time.

In March, I was getting ready to head to Alberta for a few months, like last year, I brought him to stay with a friend where he was doing ok, but I informed his sitter about his condition, and she did her best to keep him comfortable. on March 14th, the day before my departure, Belmont's sitter called me saying his condition was getting worse, I stopped by to find that Belmont had another seizure, and was weak with a raspy breath. I knew that there was nothing else that could be done. Later that night, Belmont passed away in his sleep, but he wasn't alone, his sitter was with him.

Both Simon and Belmont where great rats and great brothers, they are both together now, never to be separated again.