When my brother purchased a house with a basement apartment, I was informed that I can have a cat, I went home and made a visit to the local SPCA. There was a room with 5 cats, all came from the same owner who had passed away. On my second visit a few weeks later, 3 of the cats where gone. The SPCA said that two where adopted, but the third cat became depressed and did not recover. The two cats that remain were Tubby (A one eyed 20-pounder) and Bobby. Tubby was my pick.

Before I could sign the papers, I told my brother the story of the cats and with some help from his wife, I was able to adopt both cats! The shelter was very pleased because the cats have been there for a long time. The cats where brought to my house for a week and then came to my new apartment where everything was going great. Bobby would play with Tubby and get into all kinds of trouble knocking things down.

Only a short month passed by until Bobby began to vomit. The vet said it was possibly a hairball and gave him some medicine. Nothing changed, and x-rays and blood tests showed that Bobby had liver disease. Bobby spent a week at the vet and was doing well with his medication at home. His tests came out well too and was proclaimed as a miracle at the vet. Not long after the last visit, Bobby became skin and bones. He had no awareness, I decided that he had suffered enough.

On December the 10th, Bobby was put down at the vet. Because there was no real land I could bury cat near my apartment, Bobby was cremated.