A few months before Yoko's passing, I purchased two mice from the local pets hop. A white mouse that I named Shiroi, and a brown mouse I named Chihiro. Shi and Chi where sisters, but did not always get along. The two mice where nervous at first, but began to adjust to their new home, and even got along with Yoko!

Chihiro was the shy one out of the two. She would often do what her sister wanted, but they did get along and ran the wheel together, even though Shiroi would often run faster and make Chihiro fall off.

Chihiro left this world much like Shiroi, she got weak one night and was feeling cold. She would not eat her food. I knew that her time was comming because she was old. I went to work saying goodbye knowing that she would be gone when I come home.

On the evening of February iith, My fear was confirmed. Chihiro passed away at her cage. Chihiro will be buried next to her sister Shiroi