Chole was a rat that I took in from a family that could not keep her. In the middle of Summer 2009 the family came to my house with cage in all, and the little girl who owned her cried her little eyes out for having to give Chole away. I told her that she will be just fine and was now in a good home. I was told that they had Chole for 6 months or so, but did not know her age.

When I got Chole, she was skin and bones, it was because she was fed mostly raw veggies, and while rats will eat raw veggies, it's not their most favorite food. Chole was a little nervous, but she got along with her new cage-mates really well, and loved the food. I gave her some extra protien to build her up, and while it wasn't much, she did gain a little weight, and was doing great.

Chole died unexpectedly on October the 7th. She was found on the floor of her cage when I went to clean it. I can't be sure of how she died because I did not know her age and the new diet she was on was really improving on her health. Maybe the little weight she had was the trouble, she might have been spending energy that she didn't have trying to keep up with her cage-mates. Whatever the reason, it's nice to know that I was at least able to give her a good home with attention and yummy food for the short time I had her.