Chuck was a great rat, lovable, loved to give kisses, and was the kind of rat that anyone could get along with, even little kids could pick him up, and run around with him in hand, and Chuck would not care in the least. I rescued him and his two cage-mates from a home that badly neglected them, it was also impossible to determine when he was born, so I don't have a birth year for him, I had him for two years, so he could have been about a year or little less when I got him.

It was at the end of July 2008 when I got Chuck and his 2 cage-bros, they where all under-weight, full of rat-lice, and they where half the size that male rats should be. The lice was treated at the vet, and after some good-eatin' he gained weight and was plump as a buck.

Chuck had quite the career while he lived in my household, his easy going attitude made him perfect to film, and as a result, Chuck starred in numerous online videos, he even ran to be Canadian Prime Minister in the election of 2009. Chuck's original name was Chuck Norris, but thanks to the video "Interview with a Rat" his full name became 'Charles B. Rat'. Chuck was a great actor, doing everything that was required to do to get a good shot. Chuck also became a dad, he and Skittles had two rats, who are today named Ebony and Ivory.

On February 7th while I was cleaning the rat cages, there was a foul smell, and Chuck was laying down in his box, when I examined him, there was a 'gash' or 'hole' in his testies. It looked aweful and painful, and the poor thing did not look comfortable. I did not expect Chuck to live in the next few days, but I did not want him to suffer, so I had him euthanized 2 days later on the 9th.

Chuck lived a long and productive life, everyone loved him, and I am sure that everyone will miss him.