Cookie was super sweet and adorable! She was adopted from a home that could not keep her, when I went to pick her up, she was laying on my lap without a care in the world, I knew that her cage mates would get along with her just fine. Turns out I was right, Cookie fit in just nice.

Cookie was very lazy for a doe's standards, she acted just like the boys, any time I picked up Cookie and rubbed her head, she would doze off and would not move unless you moved her yourself, she was also very easy going, it did not matter who had her, Cookie was very pose-able and would sleep for anyone who was willing to rub her head. Where her head was rubbed did not matter either, I placed Cookie in my bed and she went right to sleep.

During the Summer of 2010 Cookie began to develop a lump under one of her arms, it did not seem to bother her, but due to past experiences, I knew what it meant. The tumor grew bigger and got to a point that it lowered her quality of life, Cookie did really well while she could, but once the tumour got too big, it was time to put her down, she was euthanized by the vet on November 15th.

Cookie was loved by all and will be missed by all.