Cory came to me with his brother in June 2014. I wanted more rats after the passing of Leon, so to honor him, I decided to get more rats from the same place I adopted him, from a local rescue. Cory and his brother where born in Febuary and had originally been adopted by another family, but had to be returned due to their child's allergies. The names Cory and Trevor came from one of my favorite TV shows the Trailer Park Boys.

I was a little nervous that the rats would be skittish due to being previously owned by a small child, but they both did not seem effected by it, thought it did take a little while for both to warm up to me. Cory was a little timid, but after watching Trevor warm up to me, he soon figured out that I was a friend.

It took a little while for Cory to get used to my lap, he would be nervous at first, but after building his confidence, he began to explore the world of the lap, and would even climb on my shoulder to look around. He loved his yogurt treats, anytime he heard the bag, he would go nuts... even during his last months when his back legs where super weak, he would still jump like crazy to get a treat. Cory also loved corn cobs, not a much as Trevor, but he still went nuts for them, any time I finished eating a corn on the cob, both Coryand his brother would get excited and even fight over the cob, even though it was large enough for the both of them. Both rats where food rivals,they would both fight over who would get the treat first and sometimes steal the treat from the other. When giving treats, I often had to say "No stealing"... I don't know if they understood, but they where good for the most part.

Every winter I travel to Alberta to be with my husband, last year COryand his brother had a in-house sitter, but in 2016, they where staying with a friend. I knew both rats where over 2 years old, so I wasn't really sure what to expect while I was away, but they where both happy and healthy when I left and the sitter kept me updated. Both Cory and Trevor warmed right up to their sitter and where having a good time.

However on March 2nd, the sitter informed me that Trevor had passed away ... most likely due to natural causes. Cory was lonley at first, but he got extra attention from the sitter and them myself, and he did ok. It wasn't long after that Cory began to drag his feet, and I suspected that he was getting the same condition that Trevor had... I am not sure if it was contagious or genetic seeing as they where brothers. Cory did not seem to be in pain, he still enjoyed being on my lap and loved his treats, so as long as he seemed happy, then I was happy too.

On the morning of May 26th, things changed, while at work my husband told me that Cory was laying down and refused to eat... he did not even respond to a yogurt drop. I knew something was wrong. When I came home, Cory looked really sick and did not have any energy at all, I knew that his time was coming and whatever it was that took Trevor was now coming after Cory.

All I could do was do my best to keep Cory comfortable. Shortly after midnight, about 1am May 26th, COry passed on. His pain has ended and he is now with his brother. I love you Cory, and I am sure you and Trevor are causing all kinds of shenanigans at the Rainbow Bridge.