Cuddles was by far the greatest friend I ever had. Growing up my friends where few and far between. Like his brother Snowball, he listened to every word I said and never left my side in my times of need. Cuddles and his brother Snowball both came into my life when I was 5 years old. It was instant friendship. We took walks in the woods together, played tag, and talked to each other as if we where a study group at school. The three of us had a bond that no one could comprehend, and still can't when I talk about them.

Cuddles was a great hunter, he caught weasles and even a duck. He kept hunting well until he was 16. He had lots of tastes in food, his fave flavor of patato chips where kectup, he loved kraft dinner and my homemade pizza. Whenever mom sat with a bowl of ice cream and blue berries, Cuddles would jump in her face meowing for some, mom would call to me to get Cuddles a bowl so that he couls have some too.

Cuddles was never sick, he hunted until the age of 16, and he was go for walks with me even after Snowball was gone. During the few weeks after Snowball's passing he would lead the way to his grave when I would go to water the potted plant on him. He missed his brother very much but still kept going forward. After I moved to town for work in 2002, he began to look for me, he dug his way under the covers of my bed and ran to me in joy everytime I came home.

Mom was Cuddles' new buddy, however he still knew it when I came home and would still sleep next to me in bed. He began to get a little weak when he turned 17, but his health was still a-ok with the vet. Everything went wrong however shortly after his 18th birthday, he slowly began to lose weight and got very pick with his food. He became very boney during the following months, but still had his right senses, so we did not see any reason to take action yet, and played it one day at a time.

At the end of October Cuddles' health took a turn for the worse, he had diarrhea and his eating began to get worse. His arthritis prevented him from walking well and began to get seizures. he drank a ton of water, which told me that his kidneys where on their way out. We knew that it was time and brought him to the vet Nov 7th to put him down. On the way however be peeded on me, so we had to turn around to get me a change of clothes, Cuddles looked at me as if to say 'This is to remember me by' he had a personallity to the end.

I was present for him, I was the last person he saw and heard. I talked to him the entire time and in 2 seconds of the needle going in, he was gone, the last words he heard from me where "I love you very much, you going to be with Snowball now". I wrapped him in a blankie and placed him in his casket that my pop made. Mom took it very hard as have I. I was unable to stay for the burial because I had to return home before dark, but he is resting next to his brother Snowball, I am sure that both mom and pop where present. Both him and his brother... two cats I had since I was 5... are now together watching over us.