Daisy was bought home from the pet store March 22nd, I named him after a budgie I owned when I was in the second grade. Daisy was a timmid bird, but vocal, he chirped a lot after I let him out of the cage for the first time, he got used to the house quickly, he even liked to sit on the ceiling fan while I pushed it around.

Daisy seemed to have a preference in tv shows because his cage was next to it. He loved shows that had a lot of action and explosions, he also loved music of any kind and would whistle to it. Daisy was also able mimic high-pitch sounds like the door bell, and the toy bell that was attached to his mirror.

Not long ago I got two more cats, they are young and of course liked to look at Daisy, but it came to a point that his cage got knocked down. For his safety I had to place his cage in a different room at night, but even then I had to keep a constent eye because the cats would still jump at the cage. I then decided to bring the cage downstairs and hung it from the ceiling, Daisy really seemed to like it, and thus stayed down there for a few weeks.

On August 15th, my husband went downstairs to feed the cats and did not see Daisy by his mirror, he checked the cage and found him laying on the cage floor. I checked for myself and confirmed the death myself. I am not sure what could have happened, I have theories, but they all have dead ends, so I guess it will be a mystery, he was only one year old. The ironic thing was after his death, my patio became populated with many song birds, which was odd because my bird feeder is never filled in the summer, and they know it.

Daisy, I hope you meet up with the bird that I named you after. Get along well.