Ebony was a sweet little rat, even sweeter then her sister Ivory. She was born to Skittles and Chuck on New Year's Eve, Ebony got her father's looks. She was born on New Years Eve and only hade one sibling named Ivory who was named for her white fur with siamese markings, which was odd giving their mother was blue and their father was black.

Ebony got along with everyone in the cage, she liked to come out anytime you wanted her to. Ebony in many ways was the opposite of her sister Ivory. Ivory was adventurous as a baby, and Ebony wasn't. Ivory always wanted to be in some's face, especally a camera, Ebony just liked to look on from the sidlines, but would still liked to be cuddled just the same.

Ebony died suddenly on September 2nd. It was completely unexpected. While I was cleaning the cage the day before, Ebony was very active and happy, and was the same thing the next morning. During the eveing my husband went to check the rat's water when he noticed Ebony laying on the floor, he brought her up to me to make sure she was gone. Ebony had died, and it was very recent because she was still warm, but a half hour later she was cold. I don't know what happened to her, but at least she is with her sister and parents.