Edward was adopted along with his brother Alphonse on September 18th from Petsmart. Both brothers were named after a popular anime "Fullmetal Alchemist" in which Ed and Al were very close and made sure to look out for one another. Edward in the anime is confidant and hot-headed, and his rat counterpart began life that way too, however as he grew, he became more timid more laid back and then his brother, which made his name more ironic then anything else.

Edward started off as a rebel, but then began to calm down as time went by, he seemed to dislike all the adventure that Alphonse was experiencing and preferred the quiet way of living. He liked the hammock, but because Alphones claimed it as his spot, Edward would sometimes get kicked out, but most of the time they would snuggle together, but because of Edward's timid nature, he would end up sleeping on the bottom, but he did not seem to care. Despite the few scuffles they had, this would often lead to bedding flying all over the floor, but the resolved their differences right away and went back to being best buddies.

Edward hated baths, it was almost comical. Every rat I had loved the water, they would splash around and play with toys. Edward seemed to be the same at first, but once the shampoo was being lathered he would squeak and then scream. I am not sure if it was the smell or the texture, because I only use pet-shampoo and lather it very gently, it barley touched Edward and his squeaks could be heard all over the house. He did not struggle though. Alphonse did not mind baths at all, however he too would squeak while getting shampooed, but not as loudly. Because Edward was always shampooed first, it was concluded that Alphonse was only copying his brother, because he would never squeak if bathed first or alone. After the shampooing was done, Edward was happy as can be as it was bring rinsed out.

Edward was a very health rat, he had no tumors, cuts, infections of breathing issues. After he reached 2 years old he did not show any signs of slowing down. He even began to enjoy baths more. Instead of the tub, he would relax in the sink of warm water. He was still happy to be dried off, but due to his age, Edward would not lick himself dry, so I would have to use a fine comb to get the knots out of his fur that would develop on his back. Because Edward wasn't cleaning himself, baths in the sink as more common, but he did not seem to care. A lot of loose fur would come off while being combed, but his coat was much softer and cleaner as a result.

On March 14th, Edward began his day like every other day, cuddling in his cage and eating treats. He spent much of the day outside and relaxing on our laps. Late in the evening however his breathing was irregular and he was opening his mouth wide for breaths. My instincts told me he was getting close to the Rainbow Bridge. We took him out of the cage and made him comfortable on my husband's lap, his head was resting on my hand. At 1:18am on the 15th Edward stopped breathing and left us. You lived a long life of 2 and 1/2 years. Most rats don't live to reach that, so you can cross the Rainbow Bridge with your head held high. We miss you Edward.