Hazel was born to my rat Li-Shang, who was later placed in a new home. Hazel like the rest of her sisters was born New Year's day 2008, which was really neat because is was the year of the rat. Hazel got her name because as a baby, she was all brown like her dad, but as she grew she became siamese like her mom.

Hazel was pretty grabby, but not greedy. She was always the first to come to the cage enterance to get her food. She always got along with other rats and never fought, but still stood her ground if she had to. Hazel wasn't one for spending too much out of the cage, mainly because it was huge and had a lot of toys. Every time she was out, she'd let you know when it was time to go back in.

Like Chole, Hazel died unexpectedly on October 10th, I was away at work and my husband told me of her death over the phone. I was kinda suprised because while I knew that Hazel was closing in on 2 years old, I did not expect her to die yet, especially seeing that she did not seem sickly. But whatever the reason, Hazel is in a better place now on the Rainbow Bridge.