Ivory was a sweet little rat. She was born to Skittles and Chuck on New Year's Eve. I found her siamese coloring a little odd because Skittles had blue fur and Chuck had black, but it did not matter, Ivory had a great personality, she was timid and did not seem to complain about anything. Ivory only had one sibling, a sister named Ebony, who was named for her black fur, just like their dad.

Ivory did not do anything overly memorable, she just ate, slept, and be sweet, always wanting to play outside the cage, and when it was time to go back in, she did not complain... she actually loved to go in providing you gave her a treat or two. Ivory was quite adventurous as a baby, when she opened her eyes and began to crawl around, I would take home video of her and Ebony... Ivory loved the camera, and would crawl right into the lenses, she almost fell off the bed as a result, but she did not seem to care, she just loved the camera so much.

During the summer of 2010 Ivory began to lose weight. I examined her and did not find any tumours, however I knew that a internal one was possible, one of my older rats named Snowball had one and it cased rapid weight-loss according to the vet. On July 23rd I knew that she had taken a turn for the worse, I was cleaning the cage and noticed her laying down, she was low on energy and did not resist being touched at all. All I could do was make her comfortable, I placed her in her own cage with comfie blankets. A few days later Ivory became more active, which told me that she wasn't ready to go quite yet, I placed her back with her cage-mates and kept a close eye on her.

A few weeks later Ivory gave up, she was laying down all the time and could barely walk without falling over, she would also try to bite my finger, which was something she never did before, which told me that she may have forgotten who I was. I knew that this was it, on August 11th I brought her to the vet to be euthanized. Ivory was a great rat, and she will have lots of fun on the Rainbow Bridge.