Jackie was a lovely boy, I rescued him and his two cage-mates from a home that badly neglected them, it was also impossible to determine when he was born, so I don't have a birth year for him, but 2 years ago is the best guess I can give.

It was at the endof July hen I got Jackie and his 2 cage-bros, they where all under-weight, full of rat-lice, and they where half the size that male rats should be. Jackie had a long curled tooth which showed me that he had nothing to chew on, and he had a small lump on his belly, but it wasn't hard. The lice was treated and his tooth was filed down at the vet, and after some good-eatin' he gained weight and was plump as a buck.

About a week ago the lump on his belly became larger, and the skin began to peel off, you could see the inside of the tumor, but there was no bleeding. On August 31st, Jackie's lively activity irritated the tumor and stomach, and some of his intestines leaked out. Jackie did not seem comfortable, so I placed him in his own plastic-bin cage with comfie blankets and good food and I tried to get a vet appoitment to put him down as quickly as possible, the nearest one they had was morning of September the 4th but would call me if anything was cancelled on the 3rd.

On September the 2nd, Jackie was laying down on his blankie, I patted and said good-bye, and when I came home from work, he did not look any different, but when I touched him, he was cold. I only Had Jackie for 2 months, but at least he was happy in those two months, happier then he was at his old home, and much happier now that he is at the Rainbow Bridge.