Leon came to me shortly after the sudden death of Simon, Belmont seemed lonely. In December I went to Small Animal Rescue to find a friend for him, I came across a little guy named 'Nutrition', it was love at first site, when I picked him up, I was assaulted with licks, so I kept him and renamed him Leon to keep with the Castlevania theme. While I could not determine is age, the rescue estimated him to be about a year old.

At first it seemed like Leon and Belmont would get along, they liked each other ok in the empty bathtub, but when they went into the same cage, Leon made unusual steps and dances around Belmont, I don't think he was a bully, but Belmont just did not seem to like Leno and spent all his time in the hammock. By this time we already grew attached to Leon, so we bought a separate cage for him, both rats where happy with this decision.

Leon loved everybody, he was a real people-person. Anytime someone walked by the cage he wanted to come out, and he would just sit on your lap and never get bored, he even let little children carry him around the house and he loved it, no one could pick him up without getting some rattie kisses, even if you puckered up your lips to him, he'd give you a kiss.

He wasn't without his health issues though, Leon had a mite infestation that never went away so he went through a round of treatments, he was happy to be rid of the critters, and a small infection on his eye, even with the proper eye-ointment it never really went away, but it never seemed to bother him, it wasn't till a few months later would I find out what might have been the cause.

On June 11th, as if overnight, a small lump began to develop on his face, between his nose and eye, due to his age I assumed that it was a tumor, so I resolved to keep him comfortable until the tumor became unmanageable. As the days went by the lump got bigger, but it felt squishy and did not feel like a tumor, after some research I found out it was an abscess, it began to change color and smell, I felt relieved because it meant that I could drain it and let the wound heal.

On June 17th, Leon took a turn for the worse, even though he was more clumsy, he grinded his teeth in a different manner, and he always stood still with his eyes half-closed. I could tell he was in pain, even when he was on the bed with me, he would cuddle into my arm and rested his head on it for minutes on end, and his breathing sounded very deep. I took him to the vet that evening seeing that nothing improved, the doctor could barely hear his heart saying that he has either a massive heart murmur... or something was wrong with his lungs, because his breathing was blocking the sound to the heart, which is not good either way.

Giving Leon's age and knowing that his heart or lungs where in trouble, I did not think it wise to attempt a abscess draining, so I gave the word to put him down. The vet gave Leon an anesthetic to relax him, and gave him to me while we waited for the drug to take effect so that the real euthanasia could take place... but it did not get that far, after the small dose of anesthetic, Leon crawled on my shoulder twice, I placed him on my chest to make him for comfortable, but after a few minuets, he died on his own, the doctor was quite surprised, she checked his heart and his entire body was silent. The dosage was very small.. meaning that Leon was much sicker then we thought, he hid the illness too well.

I am just glad that he is in no more pain, and I will miss him very much, Leon really was one of the sweetest little boys I ever had.