Nugget wasn't originally my rat, she used to belong to a friend at work that was unable to keep her. She asked if I wanted another rat, I already had a few, but one more addition to my flock would not hurt. I named her Nugget cuz it sounded cute, she did not really have a offical name, her owners just called her 'Mr.Wiskers' even though she was a girl.

Nugget was a nervous rat, she did not have any play-mates before, so I introduced her to the gang in the bathtub. She did not know what to do at first, she stood still until the others came to sniff her out. Everyone liked her, and when Nugget got the idea of having friends, she settled in nicely. I had to handle everyday so that she would calm herself, she wiggled a lot, but after some time, she became a lot for social with people

Nugget became the surrogte mother to new twins I recieved named Huggs and Tuggs. Won-ton used to beat on the young rats a lot, but Nugget always game to their rescue, under her guidence Huggs and Tuggs grew up to be lovely rats.

In the middle of November I noticed a lump under her arm and determined that it was a tumor, and I gave her a few months left to live, but I did not realize that it would be much sooner. At the end of November Nugget began to act differently, a new lump grew on her face, it grew very large in a short amount of time, Nugget scratched it and it burst open of puss. I tried to bathe her but she became inpossible to handle, she would not stay still, and she squealled loudly when picked up. Caring for her became very hard as I could not even touch her, so I though it was time to end it, she suffered too long.

On December the 7th, Nugget was put down at the vet's office, she is no longer in pain. I cannot be sure of her actual age because I did not get her as a baby, I had her for a year and a half, assuming that her owner had her for a few months, the I am sure that Nugget was about 2 years old. Either way, Nugget lived a good life and is now on the Rainbow Bridge.