Poptart was adopted along with his brother Egg on January 27th 2022. Both rats were shy at first but after getting used to their new surrounding, they warmed up real quick, treats was a big motivator. After a week Poptart began to show breathing problems, even taking breaths from his mouth. Because the pet store had a health guarantee, I brought Poptart back to the store so that he could receive treatment and the guarantee meant I did not have to pay. The lung infection was stubborn, but after about a month in treatment, Poptart returned home in perfect health.

Reintroducing Poptart to Egg went smooth at first, but Egg showed his dominance by picking on Poptart, it was clear that he no longer remembered him, so we placed a cage barrier inside the main cage to keep them separate but still be able to see and smell each other, after about 2 weeks of this routine, Poptart and Egg were best friends, but Egg will still more outgoing while Poptart was shyer.

Poptart was very affectionate, while he wasn’t as as excited to come out of the cage as Egg, Poptart loved to cuddle and would lick all the time, even at a young age he would lounge on my lap, and as he got older he would loaf on the couch watching whatever was on the TV. As both he and Egg got older, they loved to be outside to observe what is going on. I placed a cat bed on a kitchen chair and both rats would not make any effort to leave, they would either lounge around or watch what was going on in the house. Both rats were the same thing on the bed, each would explore behind the pillows and under the covers, but Poptart always just wanted human attention and give constant licks.

As both rats got older they began to show their age and lose some weight. On his second birthday Poptart was still willing to cuddle, but began to sleep a lot as the weeks went on. On March 21th I noticed Poptart was sleeping on and off outside of the box shelter I always had in their cage. After examining him I noticed his breathing was off, and I could tell from his behaviour that he was going to leave soon. During his last hour, Poptart began to have some delirium, wanting to crawl close to my face for cuddles then lowering himself to rest. He would have sudden spurts to cuddle.

I placed Poptart on a thick blanket to snuggle Derrick, and an hour later Poptart passed. I am so glad he did not leave while being alone, and we did our best to keep him comfortable. We love you Poptart, while all rats are sweet, you were among the sweetest.