Q-tip came to my life along with Snowball, she got her name because she loved to tickle my ears when she was on my shoulder. Q-tip was also the smallest of the rat pack, so the name fitted in that sence too.

Q-tip was also quite tame and did not run off, she was calm like Won-ton, but that changed whenever a yogurt drop came into play, she would jump right out of the hammok to get her piece. She loved to cuddle with the other rats in the hammok, it became her favorite spot, always laying in it and just stare out of the cage with lazy eyes, she had the good life.

Shortly after Snowball got sick and had to be put down, Q-tip began to get larger and plum. Her swelling became hard so I figured that she was getting a internal tumor. I knew that she would not last very long because the internal tumors are the worst, but she seemed to be fine and took it one day at a time.

On November the 9th, she was just relaxing in the hammok as useal, but when I came home from work I tried give the rats thier treats but only 4 rats came to greet me, I wonderd where the 5th one was and checked the hammok, Q-Tip was cold and stiff, she died in her sleep in her favorite spot.