Shadow had two homes before coming into mine. A friend of mine adopted her and took really good care of her, however he began to develop a allergy to his rats, and so entrusted them all to me.

Shadow was a lively rat, she wasn't the boss, yet she wasn't at the bottem of the pecking order, she pretty much got along with anyone. Shadow however hated baths, I bathed her last because she was the hardest rat to catch. Shadow always prefered the cage, and did not like to come out often, so getting her out for a bath was tough, even when the cage was left open to be cleaned, she would not venture out like the other rats did.

Shadow was pretty vocal, she would squeak when picked up, but not too loud, however no long ago she developed a tumor under her arm and it grew fast. The tumor became tender, while it did not slow her down, she became difficult to handle and would squeak loudly when touched and was also losing weight. I figured it was time to end it and took her to the vet to be put down on June 23rd. I did not know the exact time she was born, but 2 1/2 to 3 years is a good estimate, she lived a good life dispite being handed between different homes. He new home is now on the Rainbow Bridge.