A few months before Yoko's passing, I purchased two mice from the local pets hop. A white mouse that I named Shiroi, and a brown mouse I named Chihiro. Shi and Chi where sisters, but did not always get along. The two mice where nervous at first, but began to adjust to their new home, and even got along with Yoko!

Shiroi was the bully out of the two. She would sometimes pick on Chihiro and nibble on her ears, but after her role of authority, the two mice would cuddle in their little cardboard house I made for them.

October 13th, in the late evening, both Shiroi and Chihiro where getting weak, they where shivering and did not eat the rest of their food. I took their cage from the window still incase they where cold, and put more food in their dish. Chihiro seemed fine, but I did not believe that Shiroi would live through the night.

On the morning of October 14th, My fear was confirmed. Shiroi passed away at her sister's side in their cage. Shiroi is now buried behind our home next to Yoko.