Simon was an amazing little boy. He and his brother Belmont where adopted from PetSmart on October 2012, when I picked them up we really hit it off, the licked me and I could not resist. I unpacked the cage and took them home with me.

Out of the two Simon was more gentle, he still loved to explore, but loved napping on my lap the most, and he always knew who I was... out of a group of people, he would always know which one was me. He was never shy, he had no issues warming up to my husband when he came home from work, and always enjoyed his yogurt drops, no matter who gave them to him.

On December 2nd, everything was normal until the evening, he was climbing to get into his hammock but fell. I did not think much of it because that happened often to every rat, but I noticed that he was breathing through his mouth, he did not panic, but I could tell that he was in distress. A friend and I quickly brought him to the vet and he was immediately taken to the back to administer oxygen, but the doctor ran out and told us that she was losing him, and that Simon stopped breathing twice. I knew that nothing could be done, so I gave the call to put him down.

In a time span of 30min he was gone, from poor breathing to being put down, I truly wish I knew what happened, it was just so quick. Simon was only 1 year and 4 months old, just too young and sudden for a rat to go. His brother Belmont began to realize that something was wrong a few hours it happened, so I bathed him and sterilized the cage incase Simon had an infection.

Simon had his paw print pressed in some clay and was creamated. His time was short, and he was taken away very quickly, but I will never forget him.